Pabna: Ishwardi Railway Station

Saturday, 29 September 2012

This was the second day for our Pabna(পাবনা) Tour. We have stayed a hotel beside rail station. According to the plan we have waked up very early at morning. After a quick lunch, possibly at 7:00 at morning we have entered inside the station. We have visited the station since it was just adjacent to the hotel.

When we were child, we use to read about Ishwardi(ঈশ্বরদী) rail junction. According to our school books, it is the largest junction from Bangladesh. Such a vast station having around 15 separate rail lines there. Also, it has 4 platforms for the passengers.

The day just started, so the station didn't get lives till then. I loved to standing over the foot over bridge at the station and watching the people around. Different kind of people were having different kind of busyness. Even few were busy with sleeping there. I could have prolonged my staying there for a bit, but couldn't as I had other team members with me.

After passing awhile, we have said a bye to the station as well as the Ishwardi(ঈশ্বরদী) town and moved for Hardinge Bridge.

Oil containers on the rail line.

Foot over bridge.

Stock of cargo containers.