Jhenaidah: Marjat Baor(মরজাত বাওর)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Marjat Baor(মরজাত বাওর) is located at the Kaliganj(কালীগঞ্জ) Upozila of Jhenaidah(ঝিনাইদহ) district. Before this trip, I was doing a homework on this district over the Google map. Suddenly an arc shaped lake caught my attention. Later came to know it is actually a Baor(বাওর), named Morjot baor(মরজাত বাওর). So I have added this at my visiting list, and later accomplished.

After visiting all the mosques from Baro bazar(বারো বাজার), we have moved for the Marjat baor(মরজাত বাওর). Our van puller was not familiar with the route(though he is was local guy). We had to take help from local bazaar, and also depended on my map on mobile. It was around 10:45 of the day when we have reached to the Marjat Baor(মরজাত বাওর).

At the Kheya ghat(খেয়া ঘাট) of the baor(বাওর), several local peoples were gossiping under a tree. Our getup depicted us an investigator to them, so lot of whispering were going on. Lot of crime use to happen around Baor(বাওর), including murders. All those crimes happened based on this baor(বাওর) as its a great source of fishes(means money). Anyway, we have convinced them that we are just a traveler and our only intention is to visit that place. Then those guys became free with us and we have passed few moments by chatting about the Baor(বাওর) with them.

Using their help, we have hired a boatman from there. He was asking for 100 taka. It was cheap, and we could bargain further. But would it be too much beneficial by paying 20 taka less to that poor guy? So we have agreed for 100 taka. Name of the boatman was Punam(পুনম মাঝি). Later we came to know his 8 months infant boy died a week back. He was born with a hole at his lung. He has spent 80 thousand taka to save him, but couldn't. The gift from heaven returned back to the heaven.

Anyway, It was a small single man rowing boat with no shade. Oh god, it was terrible hot around there. I was thinking what the earth I was doing there on such a scorching day? I believe people at the bank were thinking us just mentally ill. Our first few minutes of the ride was boring. A single boat just pushing through water and we were frying on the boat by sun. Basically its a place for afternoon traveling. I was thinking whether I was there on wrong time or not??!

After a while things were getting changed. Its basically the marsh under water, floating hyacinths and other bushes around the water. Lot of native birds were sitting idle on those things and waiting for the prey. Pankouri(পানকৌরী), Heron, Egret, Kingfisher, Fingey(ফিঙে), etc were the birds available there. It was a viable ambient there. Lot of variations were available, and it was only possible for those floating stuffs around the water that hosts the birds.

The water of the Baor(বাওর) was black, but we could see 2/3 ft depth clearly, specially the marshes underneath. But somehow, lot of fishes were dieing around. Its probably due to the rotten water from the Baor(বাওর), or may be something else.

A pair of kingfisher were sitting idle over a small bush amid of the water. Despite of our boat being so near to them, they were not moving. I suspect they have laid eggs there and protecting those from any invaders. Kingfisher is one of the most colorful bird from nature, and it was a great experience to observe those from so close.

On the other hand, the large egrets were too much cleaver. We couldn't reach near to those by any means. The more we were getting closer, the further it has pushed back. Other birds were more or less shy. In terms of count, the Pankouri(পানকৌরী) was having the majority.

If you say about black beauty, Fingey(ফিঙে) is such a bird. It is known as Black Drongo bird in English. Despite of black color, it's feathers are too much shiny and can reflect the sun shine easily. Though this bird preys on insects, you can find this around the pond, or lakes. I believe it looks for floating insects around.

Possibly we have spent 90 minutes at Morjot baor(মরজাত বাওর), whoa a football match time. After paying to the boatman Punam(পুনম মাঝি), when we have landed to the bank, the people over there were having a peculiar look to us.

This Baor(বাওর) is located slight further from the road. During returning, we had to walk to return to the main road. But luckily we have found a motorbike after few minutes of walk, and hired that one. It dropped us to the Hakimpur(হাকিমপুর, 23°20'41.51"N, 89° 2'12.03"E). We have fixed him for 80 taka. After half an hour we have reached to the Hakimpur bazaar(হাকিমপুর বাজার). From there we have hired a battery driven vehicle for 120 taka for Kotchadpur(কোটচাঁদপুর) Upozila. We visited the Joydia Baor(জয়দিয়া বাওর) and Boluhar baor(বলুহার বাওর) from there.

About a Baor(বাঁওর):

A Baor(বাঁওর) is an arc shaped lake that is formed at a bend/turn of a river/canal. Basically the river is dead/changed it course since several decades. But the water at the bend of the river is still prominent. So it just turned into a lake and having a shape of arc. The length of the arc can be 10% to 95% of the circle. But never a circle. More about a Baor can be found at Banglapedia.

How to Go:

1) First come to the Barobazar(বারো বাজার) of Kaliganj(কালীগঞ্জ). You can go there from Jessore(যশোর), or from Jhenaidah(ঝিনাইদহ) town either.

2) After that using a van you can directly reach to the baor(বাওর). GPS coordinate of the baor is (23°18'39.22"N, 89° 5'2.54"E).


** Morjat baor(মরজাত বাওর) has a specialty. It is the widest Baor(বাওর) from Jhenaidah(ঝিনাইদহ) district.

An awaiting egret.

A flying egret.

Boatman Punom, he talks a lot.

Stuffs around the baor.

A kingfisher couple on their nest.

Even its lively under water too.

Jute fiber extraction going on.

Pani Poka(পানি পোকা), very fast moving creature.

Morjot baor(মরজাত বাওর) on Google map.