Jhenaidah: Jor Bangla Mosque(জোড়বাংলা মসজিদ)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Jor Bangla Mosque(জোড় বাংলা মসজিদ) is one of the prominent ancient mosque from Baro Bazar(বারো বাজার). Beside the mosque, a medium sized water tank is available which is known as Ondho Pukur(অন্ধ পুকুর), it means blind pond in English. The builder of the mosque dug this one to aid washing(Muslim ritual which is must before a prayer) for the people before the prayers.

Its a large single domed mosque placed over a high plinth. Initially it was built by Shah Sultan Mahmud Ibn Nusai(শাহ সুলতান মাহমুদ ইবনে নুসাই), possibly around 500/600 years back. But that one was destroyed completely. Recently the archaeology department constructed the mosque again and tried to give the original look and shape.

This mosque is currently active. People use to pray here 5 times a day, everyday. You can easily visit this mosque from the Baro bazar(বারো বাজার). Its just a kilometer apart from the bus stand. Using a van or motor bike you can easily visit this old mosque.

GPS coordinate of the mosque is (23° 18' 20.94" N, 89° 8' 11.19" E).


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