Brahmanbaria: Kal Bhoirob Mondir(কাল ভৈরব মন্দির)

Friday, 05 October 2012

After visiting the Ghagutia Poddo Beel(ঘাগুটিয়ার পদ্ম বিল), we have gone to visit the Kaal Bhoirob Mondir(কাল ভৈরব মন্দির) from the town. Basically Kal Bhoirob(কাল ভৈরব) is a highly revered temple located near the Medda Bus Stand(মেড্ডা বাস স্ট্যান্ড) of Brahmanbaria(ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া) town(Also near to the famous river Titash(তিতাস)).

Inside the temple, there is a large statue of Lord Shiva available. Some people consider this as the largest Shiva statue from our country. Around two hundred years ago a potter named Durgachoron Acharjo(দূর্গাচরণ আচার্য) built this large statue. People say that he was obsessed by a dream to built this mammoth one. That time, Nur Mohammad(নূর মোহাম্মদ) the Jomidar of Sarail(সরাইলের জমিদার) granted the land for this statue.

During the liberation war of 1971, this temple was attacked by the Pakistani invader hyenas. That invasion caused a severe damage to the statue. After the war it was repaired to give it's original look.