Brahmanbaria: Arifil Mosque at Sarail(আরিফিল মসজিদ)

Friday, 05 October 2012

After visiting the Kal bhoirob temple(কাল ভৈরব মন্দির), we have rushed for the Arifil mosque(আরিফিল মসজিদ) that is located at Sarail(সরাইল). Locally the mosque is known as Arphail mosque(আরফাইল মসজিদ). Using a CNG, we have reached at the Sarail(সরাইল) bazaar first, and from there we have hired rickshaw. It was very near to the bazaar.

Arifil mosque(আরিফিল মসজিদ) is named after a Saint named Shah Arif(শাহ আরিফ). It is a mosque having three domes. Not that much antiquities are left now a days after an extravagance painting. It is situated beside a large water tank locally named as Sagordighi(সাগরদীঘি).

At the southern side of the mosque, a Mazar(মাজার) is available. Local people whisper about a myth always. They believe that an evil spirit tried to lift the Mazar(মাজার) but hindered by the sound of Azan(আজান).

Leaving the myth behind, we then headed for the Bhoirob bridge(ভৈরব ব্রীজ). It was the time of sunset, so we knew we were late. But didn't want to miss the beauty of the bridge during night.

A Mazar(মাজার) beside the mosque.

GPS of the mosque is : (24° 4'11.44"N, 91° 6'27.62"E)

A pond named Sagordighi beside the mosque.