Day-2: On the way of Baklai(বাকলাই এর পথে-২)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This is the continuation from Day-1. If you are interested, you can read Day-1.

It was the second day from our tour. According to our initial plan, we had only a six hours of trekking which would lead us to the Baklai Para(বাকলাই পারা). So we were not in a hurry at morning. As I already told you we had two groups combined together. Suddenly that other group decided to visit the Jadipai(জাদিপাই) Waterfall on the way. I was interested to visit this waterfall from the beginning of the tour. So It was a chance and I was trying to convince the members from our group. And finally succeeded to convince most of the members.

What happened next is available Jadipai(জাদিপাই) Waterfall article. If you are interested, you can read that article. After retuning from the waterfall, we have joined our rest of the team members who were waiting at the Jadipai Para(জাদিপাই পারা). After taking a short break we have started our main trekking.

Initially we were trekking on a quick pace. But accruing the time few of us were losing the pace. The path was very very easy. Basically it was a path for vehicle. Wide enough, and very risk free. Trust me, I wasn't getting any flavor of trekking on such road.

As it was the second day after Eid. Lot of tourists were available on the trek today. So far I can remember there were 5/6 groups including us. All of those teams were destined for Baklai para(বাকলাই পারা). All of them will summit the Tajingdong(তাজিংডং) and pass through the Thanchi(থানচি). But only our group will return back using the same route.

It was possibly around at 1:00 or 1:30 when we had a break. We means, Shuvo(শুভো), Rajib(রাজীব), me and guide Johny. As we were trekking slowly, we have remained back always. Possibly 30 minutes of distance. Suddenly from out of nothing, we found a large group was approaching towards us. Their team had few female trekkers too. I was amazed by there presence. Our female friends use to come with us on trek, but we never able to bring as they are physically quite weak and also having lack of courage. So felt happy, our friends couldn't but at least they are achieving it.

It was possibly at 3:00 when we have reached a place near the Thaikhong Para(থাইখং পারা). From that place the trek was diverged into a narrow one and having a little bit more excitement. We have caught few of our members on that place. But leave them as we three lazy required more rests. After all other groups are disappeared, we have started our walking.

The sky ahead us was culling clouds we were sensing an advent rain. It was the 'Capital Hill' when we were crossing and amid of the trail caught by rain. We were walking on the narrow treks on a slower pace. The paths got slippy but wasn't that much risky. Only problem is the 'Capital Hill' is really a capital for the leeches.

Morning Glory Flower.

The team of those female were actually the slowest team among other teams today. Despite of our slow trekking, we have crossed them again. They were checking for the leeches on body standing on the grasses! I saw few of the boys were checking for leeches on their buttocks by losing the trousers.

I had a chat with few members on the trek before. So had another short chatting session amid of the way again. They were from a cultural organization from Chittagong town. On that team there was a female who likes my blog 'Lonely Traveler' but she never knew it was me and so did I(we knew it after retuning back to Dhaka).

Anyway, after another few 10/15 minutes of trekking, I found myself without any energy. My feet were not listening to me. Body was loathing to obey my commands. So amid of the trek just dropped my body and almost went to a sleep. I was sweating like hell and was hungry like anything. I didn't take much food at my breakfast. I thought there will be shops/village on our trek, and I could replete my energy easily. Even I didn't keep any dry foods with me either. So I sucked up on the trek.

Me and our guide Johny was sitting on the trek. Even our 16 years guide boy was tired too. He was talking that he have never felt on such way before at trek. So we were waiting for our other two members who were behind us. it was Shuvo(শুভো) and Rajib(রাজীব). Actually we four just separated behind from our team.

Seeing my condition, few members from that cultural group generously asked me to know whether I was having any problem or not. I was hungry, but replied with a dry smile "I am perfectly ok, just waiting for my two mates behind". I was sitting beside grass and the leeches. Few of them warned my about the presence of leeches. But I wasn't on such state to think about leeches, also I have no scarceness about leech. They have passed me.

When the other twos joined me, we found that none of us were having any foods. I had few packs of oral saline. Shuvo(শুভো) had three mini packs of chili sauces. Shuvo(শুভো) couldn't remember why he picket those mini packs on his bag! So after finding no other options, we have eaten those sauces. And trust me those were the best sauces I have ever had in my whole life. I have pressed the packet to squeeze out every drop of sauces from it.

I think we had a break of an hour or more on that place. We were waiting for the sunset so that we could trek easily on darkness.

After the darkness we have started our trekking again using torch light. We were extremely lucky, from that point we didn't have to do any uphill task. Trust me, we didn't have any energy to so on that night. But as it was almost near to flatland, we have run through the trek like a ghost without any break. All of us feasted by the leeches mercilessly. Amid of the path we found an empty packet of biscuit left by other trekkers ahead of us. We have checked the packet whether any piece of biscuit(s) was available or not :-(

The path was not ending for us. It seemed such a long to us that even our guide was confused whether we were in the correct route or not. But luckily we could see the flashes of torch lights ahead. It was that cultural team from Chittagong. They were crossing a pool made from the log of tree over a small canal. We had to cross such pools 10/15 for the last few hours. And I think that actually halted their pace and helped us to catch them again. So we weren't surprise to see them again.

But we were surprised when we have found four of our members were walking behind that team. We were confused to see them behind that team. Our only question was what the hell they were doing there? Did they come back to look for us? Actually they have lost in the trek. And they knew we were behind, so they have waited on trail for more than an hour. But before us that team reached and they have followed behind them.

Wild Balsam flower(দোপাটি ফুল)

Since it was near to the village, those four, and we four, total eight of us took a short break. Refreshed by the water from the Jhiri(ঝিরি) beside the road. I think we have reached at the village when it was 8:00 or few minutes after eight. For the first time I have trekked a whole day where we didn't have to go through any Jhiri Path(ঝিরি পথ).

After reaching the village, I had around 40 large pieces of large biscuits from a shop. So now guess how hungry I was! It was a pretty event full day. If you want to read about the Day-3, just click here.