Day-1: On the way of Baklai(বাকলাই এর পথে-১)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Once again Tushar(তুষার) arranged a trekking tour for Bandarban(বান্দরবান) at the last Eid vacation. I was unsure about the tour due to my back pain. But after a dillydally, have joined with the team at the night of Eid. Our bus has left the station at night 11:00 and we have arrived at the Bandarban(বান্দরবান) town at 5:15. As it was the night of Eid, the whole road was free and the driver drove the bus like a missile.

Initially we were a team of 14 members. Tough it will be separated into two later. Scheduled public bus service normally starts at 8:30. So without wasting the three hours, we have managed a Moon Rocket/Chander Gari(চাঁদের গাড়ী) for 3000 taka. It will drop us at Koikhangchhori(কৈক্ষঙছড়ি). Normally a bus takes around 3 hours to reach to that place. But this vehicle took less than two hours.

The road near bus stand is covered by landslides.

It was around 7:30 of the morning, and there were no boats at the Ghat(ঘাট).The boatman wasn't interested to start the boat until its packed totally. So finding no other alternatives, we have convinced another group with 15 members and we all together started for Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার) on that boat. As the boat was riding against the flow of water, it took near about two hours to reach at the Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার).

View of pristine Boga Lake.

Belal(বেলাল) and Johny(জনি), our two guides were waiting at Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার) for us. As we'll split into two groups at day-3 we required two guides. One group will move forward to Thanchi(থানচি), and other one will return back using the same route from Baklai Para(বাকলাই পারা).

Normally we use to arrive at Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার) after 12 or 1:00 at noon. As it was only 9:30 at morning, we had an advantage of three hours. But unfortunately we couldn't take the whole advantage. We have wasted more than two hours on shopping, breakfast, and army camp issues. It is always hectic when you are having a large group to maintain.

Using another Chander Gari(চাঁদের গাড়ী), we have started for Boga Lake(বগা লেক). It was raining heavily. Few us were skittish on the seat for the vehement swiveling. After a certain point, the vehicle dropped us on the road. From there we have to start our trekking. It was our known route. We had to climb the steep path just before the Boga Lake(বগা লেক) army camp. It was slippery and cumbersome task.

I always like Boga Lake(বগা লেক). But day by day it is decaying it's beauty due to the overwhelming tourists. Some nonsense tourists use to trash their crumbs, packets and other stuffs on the water. Mini pack of the shampoo and soap are common things on the water.

Jhiri on the way of Keokaradong.

We have taken a break for one hour at Boga Lake(বগা লেক). On that break few have completed their prayers, few got lunch, me and others were busy with swimming at the water. I like swimming, and do it whenever I get chance. I am kind of addicted to it. The lucid crystal water of Boga lake(বগা লেক) always invites me to jump inside.

After the break, when we have started for Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং), it was around 3:00 of the day. It was really hard to manage such a large group. Once upon a time the road from Boga Lake to Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) was quite difficult. But now a days its piece a cake. Its a total risk free trekking route. Normally it takes around 3-4 hours to complete.

We have walked continually through the exquisite beauty and the picturesque scenes. Few of us were new on trekking. They were finding it hard to climb the hills but they were exulted by the mammoth hills. Since it was just after the Eid day, not that much tourists were available. Most of the people will start coming from tomorrow and this place will be a market then.

It was just before the sunset when we have reached at the Darjiling Para(দার্জিলিং পারা). Darjiling Para(দার্জিলিং পারা) is another beautiful village from Bandarban(বান্দরবান). No matter the season, the weather is always cold during night. The whole village use to be inside the cloud at night. We have taken a break for one hour. We have refreshed on a tea stall. And those who are pious did a prayer amid of the break.

View before Darjiling Para(দার্জিলিং পারা).

After the darkness we have started trekking. Our target was to reach the Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং). It was just 30-40 minutes of uphill task. We were using torch lights to locate trails. I always love to trek at night. Its easier to trek during night as there is no scorching sun on the sky. Also the hilly area is always cool during night, kind of winter flavor.

After reaching the Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) and freshen up, I had a nap for one hour or two. We have had our dinner at Lala's house. For your information, Lala(লালা) is the owner of Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) as per document.

A cascade of mountains.

We had a long trek ahead next day, so went to the bed early at night. You can find that story from Day-2.