Khagrachhori: Kasing Waterfall(কাসিং ঝরনা)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

After enjoying the second step/lower falls of bewitching Toiduchhori Jhorna(তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা), and passing through an adventurous cliff, finally we have reached at the first step/upper falls of the Toiduchhori waterfall(তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা). This is known as Toiduchhori Jhorna-2(তৈদু ছড়ি ঝরনা-২) to us, and Kasing Jhorna(কাসিং ঝরনা) to the local Tripura(ত্রিপুরা) tribe.

According to our event, this waterfall wasn't at our initial list. In fact I wasn't aware about the existence of this waterfall. While perusing several articles on internet, I found few people traveled here. So before leaving Dhaka, I have just picked the name at our list.

The height of this waterfall is slight bigger than the previous one. But to my judgement, previous one was more delicate than this one. Water of this Toidu waterfall(তৈদু ঝরনা) just falling over a 'stair like' place beneath the waterfall and splashing all around. It was over 4:00 at the afternoon when we were wandering around the waterfall.

While returning to the Toidu Para(তৈদু পারা) from the waterfall, we have picked different route. This one is much simpler and quicker too. Possibly after a trekking of 1.5 hours, we have reached at the Toidu Para(তৈদু পারা). We already have emptied all our water bottles. So, to slack our thirst we have used water from the villagers.

After saying goodbye to the villagers with Polen(পলেন) and Monobikash(মনোবিকাশ), we have started our walking again. Sky was getting darker, not for the afternoon. It was for the advent rain. It was a heavy rain with large drops. The whole road became murky and slippery. As i wear spectacles, it was really hard for me to see through the wet glasses. I was feeling much better without my spectacles that time.

As it was almost near to the sunset, and for the heavy persistence rain, all the people were inside the house. Even after crossing the Chappa Para(চাপ্পা পারা), we have to walk further until we have reached to the road where local transports use to run. Using one of those we have returned back to the Dighinala(দীঘিনালা) Town. It was 6:45 when we have reached at our hotels. The continuum rain was still performing it's show.

It was just an awesome work by four frantic person when we look back what we have just done.

How to Go:

If you want to know how to go, and more, you can use this article Toiduchhori Jhorna. But still I have few suggestions for you.

1) It is possible to visit both the waterfalls in same day. But its quite harder for irregular trekkers. For those you can visit the two waterfalls in two days. Each of the waterfalls is having a separate route.

a) From Toidu Para(তৈদু পারা), its 1.5 hours walking distance to the Upper falls/Toidu Jhorna-2(তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা-২). This path is easy to handle.

b) From Toudi Para(তৈদু পারা), its around 2.5-3 hours of walking to reach at the Lower falls/Toidu Jhorna-1(তৈদু ছড়ি ঝরনা-১). This path is slightly difficult.

It is possible to move from lower one to upper one easily. But its slightly difficult to move from upper one to lower falls. So if you plant to visit both the falls in same day, then visit the lower one first. I mean the (b) first, then climb to upper one. And return back using path (a).

Choice is yours. But always have a safe journey.