Khagrachhori: Exploring Resung Jhiri(রিসাং ঝিরি)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Last time I have visited the Resung Waterfall(রিসাং ঝরনা) and couldn't find the second step of it. So to explore the waterfall, i had to visit the same place again. Once again it was amid of the rainy season during July. After a short strolling over the brick-road, we have moved into the Jhiri(ঝিরি).

It was around 10 at morning. We were walking over the stream of the waterfall but unable to find the second waterfall. The weather was mysterious as it was experimenting it's states so frequently. We have walked around 5 hours at the Jhiri(ঝিরি), but unable to find any trace of the Resung-2 Waterfall(রিসাং ঝরনা-২).

Several Tripura(ত্রিপুরা) tribal were crossing us and we have asked them about the second fall. All of them were reluctant to respond. In fact, they were only mentioning about the first waterfall and rejected the existence of the other one.

There were several reasons for failing to find the second waterfall. As it was rainy season, at one place of the Jhiri(ঝিরি) it got a respectable water height. So we have skipped that portion, and unfortunately the waterfall was near to that place. Also from the very first move, we have deteriorated into a wrong path, so explored wrong proximity for the waterfall.

But that failed exploration wasn't that bad at the end of the day. As we know the Jhiri(ঝিরি) of the hilly area is most exciting during rainy season, so lot of mini waterfalls and mysterious places were available at that Jhiri(ঝিরি). I have added few of the photos with this article.

A serpentine tinny water stream.

A mini falls on the path.

Main stream of the waterfall which later falls into the river Chengi.