Chapainawabganj: Shah Shuja Complex(শাহ সুজা কমপ্লেক্স)

Friday, 15 June 2012

During our 'mango fest tour' at Chapainawabganj(চাপাইনবাবগঞ্জ), we have had a chance to explore the archaic edifices from Shibganj(শিবগঞ্জ), a place located exactly beside the India-Bangladesh border. One of the prominent structure was Tahokhana Complex(তহখানা কমপ্লেক্স), which is also known as Shah Shuja complex(শাহ সুজা কমপ্লেক্স).

View of the complex from inside.

After a short tiring work through the village road during the hot summer, we have reached near to the complex. This complex basically has three main objects. One is a three dome mosque, second one is a Mazar(মাজার) of a Muslim saint named Shah Neyamotullah(শাহ নেয়ামত উল্লাহ). Third one is a two stored building.

A three dome mosque inside the complex premise.

It is unsure about the name of the builder, but from the design and architecture it is assumed that the period can be between somewhere 1639- 1660 AD. This structure is built beside a large pond. More of this place can be found from BanglaPedia.

People from our country are somehow obsessed with the Mazar(মাজার), Pir(পীর) and Dorbesh(দরবেশ). So, to get favor from the Allah, or fulfilling any wish, those people use to come here, at the Mazar(মাজার). I have seen a guy came with goat and chickens for preparing the lunch for the people of Mazar(মাজার). Personally I don't have any interest on such activities. So left the place leaving everything behind.

This place is located near to the Chhoto Sona Mosque(ছোট সোনা মসজিদ). So after visiting the mosque, you can easily visit this place. If you want to know how to visit and more, just follow the article of Chhoto Sona Mosque(ছোট সোনা মসজিদ).

Mordern passageway for pedestrians.

Majar of shah Niyamatullah.

view of the Majar and the Mosque at same frame.