Bandarban: Jadipai Waterfall(জাদিপাই ঝরনা)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jadipai waterfall(জাদিপাই ঝরনা) is located at deep inside the hilly area of Bandarban(বান্দরবান) from Bangladesh. I have seen lot of waterfalls from Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ), but Jadipai(জাদিপাই) is the most beautiful waterfall as per my observation.

A view from Jadipai Para.

What does the word Jadipai(জাদিপাই) means? I have asked one tribal from Passing Para(পাসিং পারা) about the word. Though most of his sentences were not clear to me, but the summary is, a flame of fire(they called Jadi(জাদি)) is seen at the hills near there every month, once or twice.

A flatland surrounded by hills.

Anyway, our main intention was to do a six hours of trek from Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) to Baklai Para(বাকলাই পারা). But at early morning some of us decided to visit the Jadipai waterfall(জাদিপাই ঝরনা) first, and after that they will march for Baklai Para(বাকলাই পারা). But later, one by one, all most every member from the team decided to visit the Jadipai(জাদিপাই) first. I was the catalyst to influence their decision.

Firs clear view of the waterfall through jungle.

From Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং), it took around 2 hours(or more) to reach at the waterfall. It was totally a downhill trekking which takes the exam of your knee. Amid of our downhill trekking we have had a break at the Jadipai para(জাদিপাই পারা). Few of us had lighten our bags at the house of Laal Ring(লাল রিং), a tribal.

After the most of the hard working downhill trekking, we have encountered a lovely flatland on our way. The Jadipai(জাদিপাই) village was actually near here previously but shifted later. Its a total flatland and a Jhiri(ঝিরি) is flowing through it. We have slacked our thirst here once again.

The last 20 minutes of the trekking towards the waterfall was slight risky for its vertical downhill path. Also the path is entirely covered with leeches. Local tribal use to call this Jadipai(জাদিপাই) Waterfall as the waterfall of Leech. Hence they do not visit this portion very often.

On the way to the base of the waterfall.

But we were lucky. It was around 11.00 at morning. Sun at the sky was really heating and it was scorching. Also lot of tourists already have visited the path before us today. So combining all the factors, the activity of leeches were negligible. But trust me, this final 20 minutes of the path use to be the nest of leeches.

Meandered top of the waterfall.

After reaching to the bottom of the waterfall we had an invigorating shower. Also we have enjoyed few moments around the falls. Its a lovely waterfall. The surface of the waterfall is corrugated and this is the main reason to make the waterfall more beautiful. Another thing is the width of the waterfall. In Bangladesh you'll not see too many waterfalls are having such width. Finally, the height of the waterfall is respectable too.

Its easy to reach Jadipai waterfall(জাদিপাই ঝরনা). But you'll remember the returning path in your whole life. Its around 2.5 hours(or more) of sharp climbing. Its really a hard working task. Possibly this is the reason for people who have visited the waterfall do not visit twice.

If you are planning to visit the waterfall, you can stay at Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং), Passing Para(পাসিং পারা), or at Jadipai para(জাদিপাই পারা). Best time for visiting is around rainy season.

Front view of the waterfall.

Beneath the waterfall for shower.



  2. how much cash we have to carry for visiting ruma, boga lake, keokaradong, jadipai fall, baklai fall.

  3. BDT 10,000 if you are in a group of 10 people. Luxuriously

  4. girls can visit dying to see the fall.heard about it long ago.but the path is long,dangerous and risky too.but to see the real beauty these obstacles are nothing..

  5. how much cost dhaka to jadipai waterfall tour for 1 person?

    1. I went there 4 years back. Thinks has changed a lot since then. I am not sure about the current cost.

  6. I along with some other friends wanna visit Jadipai fall. Can we take Jeep uoto Keikradong? As we r around 50 years old, it would be tough for us to walk from Keokrading. Besides do u have any idea about the present security condition over there?


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