Rajshahi: Beside river Padma

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Once upon a time the river Padma(পদ্মা নদী) was a fierce one near Rajshahi(রাজশাহী) town. I went there several times during my childhood. I can easily recall those memories. But by any means i couldn't match those images with current one. Those tumultuous ambient are now a history and which will never return back. Yes, the river is dead(at least to me), or will be dead very soon.

There is a T-Badh(টি-বাঁধ) beside the river to protect the main city. Local people use to enjoy their morning and afternoon there. As I didn't get the bus ticket of Saturday night, I bought one for Sunday noon. So I had several hours to spend during morning.

So, directly went to the place near the T-badh(টি-বাঁধ) around the PATC. GPS coordinate is (24°21'47.50"N, 88°33'59.89"E). Last two days was really hard for the extreme hot weather. But at morning, the weather had a feelings of advent rain.

Using a small boat I have crossed the tiny river(narrowed portion) and wandering around the dusty heart of the dead river. People now a days use to cultivate crops amid of the dread river. There is a trail/path which local people use to follow to reach at the other side of the dread-land where another tiny river exists. I didn't have much time to reach at the other end. So its still like an unsolved puzzle to me. What is actually at the other side, and how that looks?

I could have spend the whole day at that place by exploring the indigenous herbs and weed flowers around the river. But I was running out of time, and coerced to return back for riding the return bus of Dhaka.