Rajshahi: Bagha Moshjid(বাঘা মসজিদ)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bagha(বাঘা) is another antique mosque which was built during 1523. It is located at he Bagha(বাঘা) union of Rajshahi(রাজশাহী) district. According to the reliable sources like Banglapedia, the mosque was built by an independent sultan, named Nashrat Shah(নুসরাত শাহ).

Like other ancient mosques of this country, this on was also dilapidated and later renovated on a large scale. Right now it is having five doorways at the eastern side. Also the mosque is having an array of domes atop where each row of the array is having five domes.

GPS coordinate of the mosque is (24°11'45.48"N, 88°50'21.70"E). You'll find a large water tank at the eastern side of the mosque.

How I went there:

Actually I went there after visiting the Puthia(পুঠিয়া). So my path was a bit different. I have used the Nosimon/Votvoti(নসিমন/ভটভটি) to reach at Arani Bazar(আরানি বাজার). From the Arani bazar(আরানি বাজার) I have used CNG driven auto. It was in total a 50 minutes of ride.

A large water tank in front of the mosque.

How to Go:

From Rajshahi(রাজশাহী) town, you can use the direct bus of Bagha(বাঘা). These buses are available at the terminal near to the Railway Station. GPS coordinate of the mosque is (24°11'45.48"N, 88°50'21.70"E).

Or, you can go to Puthia(25 taka), then Puthia to Arani(10 taka), then Arani to Bagha(15 taka).

Where to stay:

Its better to stay at Rajshahi(রাজশাহী) town. There are several quality hotels available at the zero point of the city. I have used the Hotel Anam(হোটেল আনাম), each single room was 200 taka per night, cheapy yea?

Where to eat:

Cannot recommend anything about this. I didn't like any restaurants from Rajshahi.

Ornate octagonal pillar of the mosque.