Khagrachhori: Toiduchhori Jhorna-1(তৈদু ছড়ি ঝরনা-১)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

It was a morning amid of the rainy season and from the late night it was raining heavily. We were waiting for a group that we met yesterday at Resung Waterfall(রিসাং ঝরনা). They were also planning for visiting Tioduchhora Waterfall(তৈদুছড়া ঝরনা). So we have decided to combine together for this expedition. Total four members, two from their group and two from our.

Lot of people talked on blog, about hiring guide from TNO office of Dighinala(দীঘিনালা). It was Friday, and do you believe that people would work at TNO office on holidays? And who is going to travel at working days? So suggestion of hiring from TNO office is useless at weekend. But still as our previous travelers hired guides from this place, we have hired a guy(in fact a fat stupid, proved worthless later) for 500 taka. We did not find anyone interested as it was rainy season. Also it was raining, so everyone was inside at home.

Our so called Bangali guide bemused at Toidu Para(তৈদু পারা).

No matter from where you start, you have to reach at the Chappa Para(চাপ্পা পারা) first. As it was raining continually, no one was interested to go at that direction. So hired a CNG for 300 taka. But our bad luck, due to heavy rain, the village road was completely slippery and muddy. That small vehicle couldn't move further and unfortunately dropped us well before reaching the Chappa Para(চাপ্পা পারা).

My video on the Toidu waterfalls.

Lot of tourists use to visit this arena during weekend. So people were aware about our destination. Everyone was daunting us to return back. There will be river on our way which will be impossible to cross(according to their judicious thinking). But I had only one thought, we want to see that river on our own eyes before returning back. Later it proved false warning. it was basically a 1-2 ft height of shallow river with mighty current.

After walking near about an hour, we have reached at the Toidu Para(তৈদু পারা). Now its time to show the real face for our guide. He don't know the exact way of the waterfall. He came here during winter, but now everything is covered with lash green jungle. Even his small Jiri(ঝিরি) now converted into a mighty canal.

Top of the Toidu(তৈদু) Falls sighted from far hill.

The Tripura(ত্রিপুরা) villagers were suggesting us to take two people from their village for our assistance. It was only 200 taka for both persons(young Tripura(ত্রিপুরা) bloods). One of the boy name was Polen(পলেন), and other one was MonoBikash(মনবিকাশ). Both of the boys later proved their ability and judiciousness which is antithesis of their young age.

Jhiri of the Toidu Falls(তৈদু ঝরনা).

Now we are seven members where three of them are guides(one was fat idiot). From the Toidu Para(তৈদু পারা), our initial half an hour was through that small jhiri(ঝিরি). It was really hard to go at the opposite direction of the water flow. It appeared like the whole hills just poured waters on that small canal. After the Jhiri Path(ঝিরি পথ), the next few hours were through the uphill and downhill tasks. Due to rainy and watery paths, we couldn't use our camera. But trust me, the hills are always extraordinarily enchanting.

A dragon fly, you'll find lot of these on your way.

Basically its a total of 2 hours of trekking at dry season. Due to rainy, we were taking time. Also I was the slowest member from the team as always. So i was eating time too. The path is smooth but was not at 2/3 years back. After the discovery of this Toidu Jhorna(তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা), the TNO provided a fund to make a trail to reach at the waterfall. Thanks to the TNO for that initiative.

After reaching at the last hilltop, we could hear the roar of the Toiduchora waterfall(তৈদু ছড়ি ঝরনা). Only the top portion of the waterfall is visible from that far distance. After spending 5 minutes on that point, we have started moving further. It was a straight downhill through slippy path. Few of us slipped several times.

Tripura boy Polen(পলেন) as our guide.

Last 15/20 minutes of the trekking was through the Jhiri(ঝিরি) once again. This time it was through the Jhiri(ঝিরি) of the waterfall. Lot of people described that large stones were on the path looks like baby elephants. But trust me, we didn't see anything. Because all those boulders were under water. Before reaching at the waterfall, I have slipped on the way several times. Got hurt on knee, fingers and several other places.

I have seen lot of pictures from several people on internet. All of those were in a different shape from the one in front of me. Due to heavy rain, the shape of the falls just changed. Its fatter and flowing fiercely. We have spent around 20/30 minutes beneath the waterfall. Few of us took a shower(though we had it several times from rain) on the falls.

Jhorna Jhiri(ঝরনা ঝিরি).

From this waterfall, you can easily go to another one which is just 30 minutes of uphill task. I'll write about that falls next time. Till then, be happy with this one.

About The Toiduchori Falls(তৈদু ছড়ি ঝরনা):

This waterfall is situated near at Dhighinala(দীঘিনালা) of Khagrachhori(খাগড়াছড়ি) district. A news came on the paper 2/3 years back. After that few tourists use to visit this waterfall on every weekends. My tribal guide was talking "We used to call this Toidu(তৈদু), but lot of people visit this place and they call this Jhorna(ঝরনা). So we call this Jhorna(ঝরনা) too". For your information, in Tripura(ত্রিপুরা) language toidu(তৈদু) means the gate of water.

Taking shower under the waterfall.

This is the second step of the two waterfalls. The first step/upper one is just 30 minutes of trekking. But you have to climb almost a perpendicular path beside the waterfall. Slight risky, but adventurous.

How to go:

To visit this Toidu chhori waterfall, do not take any guide from Dighinala(দীঘিনালা) TNO office. You don't need this. At best you can take any local who will drop you at Toidu Para, or at Chappa Para(তৈদু পারা).

A closer look to the falls.

From the Toidu para(তৈদু পারা), hire tribal people. Do not pick any Bangali(বাঙালি, নোয়াখালি) people. They could go with you for money, but actually they may not know the trek. We were foxed by hiring a fat a$$h0le, trust me. He just vanished our one liter of water just after 30 minutes of walking(grrrrr). Tribal are arduous, fast responder and knows hills than anyone. It will be around 100/150 taka per person. Just express your desire to those people, and they will do the rest by their own responsibility.

It will be a 6-7 hours of trekking for going and returning. So take preparation for that. The path is not that much harder, so don't get panicked.

Where to stay:

I have stayed at Hotel Shahjahan(হোটেল শাজাহান) at Dighinala(দীঘিনালা) town. A low facilitated hotel. A room for two bed with an attached bathroom was 280 Taka(20 taka discount).

Where to Eat:

There are few hotels available at Dighinala(দীঘিনালা) town. You can pick any of those.


  1. Oh, that is tremendous! I am really thrilled. I traveled Khagrachori once and visited rishang jhorna. Would you please tell me more about accommodation? I mean to say, will there be any cottage near Toidupara for 6/7 persons to stay? Because we don't want to stay in a hotel. How far it is from Khagrachori town?

  2. no accommodation near at the waterfall... if you can manage the tribal houses, then its different... its around 2-3 hours of walking distance from the last village near the waterfall...

  3. Ok that means we have to manage it by our own. In that case, could you please give us the contact number of guide "Polen" or any other person who can assist us because we want to fix the matter from Dhaka.

  4. I do not have their number unfortunately... Lot of tourists use to go there these days, you shouldn't face any problem there...


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