Khagrachhori: Resang Jhorna-2(রিসাং ঝরনা -২)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Last time I have visited the resung waterfall(রিসাং ঝরনা) but couldn't find the second one which is at the downstream of main one. So this time by no means I wanted to miss it. I have read lot of blogs and articles on internet but none could tell me the exact location. Everyone was guiding with anonymous direction. I must believe that for this anonymous guiding, most of the tourists at this place find it hard to locate this one, and left the place without exploring this. From my experience, I have spent 3 hours there to locate this. Explored most of the Jhiri(ঝিরি) of the waterfall and misguided further like other travelers. Also, the local people were telling that there was only one waterfall, no second one available. One Tripura(ত্রিপুরা) boy was talking about Debota(দেবতা), who lives there and people gets killed if go there. And like other tribal, he was reluctant to talk further about the waterfall.

So finding no other ways, returned back from there to find Rabindra Tripura(রবীন্দ্র ত্রিপুরা), who is the owner of both the waterfalls. He was interested to show us the waterfall only if we pay him. You know what, 'rich pigs' pay him 500/1000 taka for showing the waterfall. So he wasn't interested to show us the waterfall for any cheap price. Finally after an extreme bargaining(i didn't like to pay a lot), he agreed for 150 Taka. A group from Chittagong were traveling there. They have joined with us, later we and that group explored Toidu Jhorna together at next day(another story).

We are with the group from Chittagong who have joined us for this tour.

It was raining with large drops. Initially we have waited for 15/20 minutes at the small shop for the rain to lessen down. But the persistent rain forced us to start moving. Its just 15 minutes of walking from the shop. Trust me, I have walked on the same path, but due to rainy season the path was covered with proximity vines. So didn't find the actual trail and returned back and lost into wrong path. But this time the old Tripura(ত্রিপুরা) was with us and guided us safely to the beneath of the waterfall.

Normally the waterfall is having mild amount of water. But for a heavy rain at earlier, its just vomiting all the waters from the valley through it. Possibly this is the maximum amount of water flowing from the waterfall and we are lucky to observe this at such time. The water of the falls were slight muddy for the rain. We have used our umbrella to cover the camera from rain while capture scenes.

How to Go:

If you look at below image, you'll find that I have pointed both the falls on google map. Just follow the direction marked by red lines. If you think still its very hard to locate the waterfall, just ask the guy Rabindra Tripura(রবীন্দ্র ত্রিপুরা) to show you the waterfall. Don't trust local people, they will not tell you anything about this. You must believe that the waterfall is there. Its a total mystery as the local behaved.

Showing the location of resag-1 and resang-2 waterfalls in google map. GPS (23° 3'54.27"N, 91°56'39.78"E)

From internet, i have found few people named the waterfall as Apu Falls(অপু ঝরনা) or Apu Jhorna(অপু ঝরনা). I don't know where they found the name. May be the Tripura(ত্রিপুরা) people call the waterfall by that name.