Khagrachhori: 10 Number Jhorna (১০ নাম্বার ঝরনা)

Friday, 26 September 2014

This is the second time I have visited the waterfall. Last time I was having without luck. But this time I was going to visit the Sajek Valley, and on our way we have visited the waterfall. In fact I wasn't interested to visit the waterfall and wanted to sit on the vehicle (as my previous experience wasn't good). But lucky me that I didn't do that (it would be a great mistake).

This time the waterfall was having plenty of water. It was not the rainy season, but it was amazingly full. I am not sure how this waterfall was producing that much of water. But anyway, we have had a fun with the waterfall for more than an hour.

On the way to the waterfall.

The water stream that is coming from the waterfall.

Friday, 13 July 2012

This waterfall is located at slight eastern side from the the Dighinala (দীঘিনালা) town. Local people are familiar with this waterfall by the name 10 number waterfall (১০ নাম্বার ঝরনা). Though at internet I have found another name Hajachhora Waterfall (হাজাছড়া ঝরনা) [can be written as Hazachhora also]. Whatever the name is, the waterfall is having very less amount of water flow (though I have expected more as it was amid of the rainy season). Later I have visited the waterfall again in 26 September 2014 and found the waterfall was full with water.

It was 6:10pm of the afternoon when we have reached at Dighinala town (দীঘিনালা). Hired a bike for 200 taka (round trip) to visit the waterfall. When we have reached at the roadside of the waterfall, it was 6:40 of the day. After walking of 5-10 minutes through a narrow and shallow Jhiri (ঝিরি), we have reached at the waterfall. It was almost dark.

View of the waterfall from far.

The waterfall doesn't produce too much water. Even it had a heavy rain earlier at the day, but still tinny amount of flow. Observing the width and depth of the Jhiri(ঝিরি), I can easily deduce that the waterfall never had a great amount of water in any seasons. But still, as its very easy to access, a vast number of tourists use to enjoy their weekends here.

How to Go:

If you are visiting Dighinala(দীঘিনালা) town, and having time on hand, you can easily visit it. I'll recommend you to use CNG auto rickshaw, but you have motor bike as another option. Bike will cost you 200 taka and CNG will cost you 300 taka for round trip. It will be around 30 minutes to reach to the waterfall, and then you have to walk another 5 minutes to reach at the bottom of the Hajachhora waterfall (হাজাছড়া ঝরনা).

Also, the waterfall is on the way of Sajek Valley. You can visit this waterfall during your Sajek trip also. GPS coordinate (23°16'12.38"N, 92° 7'51.86"E).

This is how actually the waterfall ambient
was when we have reached there. Almost dark.

Enjoy a video on this Hajachhora waterfall (হাজাছড়া ঝরনা).

10 Number Jhorna (১০ নাম্বার ঝরনা) / Hajachhora jhorna (হাজাছড়া ঝরনা),
Upazela: Baghaichhori (বাঘাইছড়ি উপজেলা),
District: Rangamati (রাঙামাটি জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (23°16'12.38"N, 92° 7'51.86"E),
Note: This is near from Dighinala of Khagrachhori District.

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