Vawal Rajbari in Gazipur

Vawal Rajbari in Gazipur

Vawal rajbari is located in the Joydebpur of Gazipur district, Bangladesh. The Jomidar bari is a massive one, but right now it has been occupied by the government officials. So even at the weekend you'd find few people are doing their official tasks. These are kind of odd and just hinder me to explore. Why our government always does this? But the good thing is, being in use the buildings are still in good shape. Otherwise they could have been dilapidated like other old edifices.

Vawal Rajbari in Gazipur

Vawal rajbari is a mammoth mansion having more than 350 rooms. Though it's a Jomidar bari, but still it's looking like a modern edifice. Because it is not such old, possibly made 60/70 years back, or less. The GPS coordinate of the Vawal rajbari is (24° 0'4.16"N, 90°25'31.71"E).

Vawal Rajbari in Gazipur

How to Go:

There are several bus services available to go there from Dhaka. The Dhaka Paribahan is the best service from available. Also you can use other local buses as well. Using the bus first you have to come at ShibBari. From there using a rickshaw (15/20 Taka) you could easily reach at the Vawal Rajbari.

Vawal Rajbari in Gazipur

Where to Stay:

Gazipur has few resorts which could be expensive. If you do not have any problem regarding money then you could use them for night staying. Otherwise you can stay in Dhaka as it would give you plenty of options. You can find list of Hotels from Dhaka here.

Vawal Rajbari in Gazipur
Nat mondir.

Where to Eat:

This place is almost like Dhaka. You can have your lunch at any quality restaurant from there. There are a lot such things around for the tourists!

Vawal Rajbari in Gazipur

Vawal Rajbari,
GPS Coordinate (24° 0'4.16"N, 90°25'31.71"E).

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Friday, 22 June 2012


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