A trek between the two Toiduchhori waterfalls

Saturday, 14 July 2012

It happened during moving from the lower waterfall to the upper one at Toiduchhori(তৈদু ছড়ি). It was a path of less than 30 minutes. But we required exactly 1.5 hours to complete.

After enjoying the exquisite beauty of the Toiduchhori Waterfall-1(তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা-১) we were taking preparation to move to the next one, means the Toiduchhori Waterfall-2(তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা-২), which is practically around a 30 minutes of walking distance from this waterfall. There is a path available which is just adjacent to the waterfall. Its is almost perpendicular(70-80 degree) for climbing. But not difficult, only at several stages you have to be cognizant for the slippery stones.

After successfully reaching at the top of the waterfall, a skittishness grabbed me instantly. Rainy season is beautify at mountains, but full with latent dangers. A sudden slip from such place could only throw you to the bottom of the waterfall. This was the shortest path to reach at the upper falls. Most of the Jhiri path(ঝিরি পথ) were under water. At some places the flow of water was immense.

I was trekking on bare feet. My sandal just betrayed me like always. I think I have slipped maximum time than any other trekking in my life. I found it extremely difficult to gripe the slippy stone surface using my naked feet..

Climbing almost a perpendicular path beside waterfall.

At one stage, the Jhiri(ঝিরি পথ) got a shape like the Shoilo Propat(শৈল প্রপাত) of Bandarban. Gallons after gallon of water were just rushing down there through the meandering stream. You must have to be circumspect before making every steps. At the top of this mighty stream the whole team was waiting for me. Cause, after that the stream was more mightier than ever. Its basically a narrow rift between two bank of the stream. Even at dry season, you have to cogitate on such places. And as its rainy season, everyone of us were full with jittery.

Top of the waterfall.

On the process of crossing and moving, at one place i was slipped on the mighty stream. I just pushed my foot on the stream and that mighty flow just thrashed me down. I lost the grasp from my team who were holding me. During this cataclysm our two tribal guides were with me falling down. My teammates had nothing to do at that situation. I could only see several pair of legs were standing beside the stream and everything was happening so fast that they couldn't react at all.

But the two tribal boys(Polen and Monobikash) were excellent. Both of them responded lightning fast. They were standing and trashed down again and again until they have safely moved me to a safe place beside the stream. I could have been injured seriously, or that could be my last expedition. Those two boys risked their life for me. That's why I always prefer tribal people as oracle in mountains.

A serpentine flow of the Jhiri(ঝিরি).

After crossing this place, further surprise were waiting for us. The waiting next move was even deadlier than last few. I was totally enervated by previous incident and sunken by jumpiness too. So did the other members. When one of us was talking about returning back, other three were opposing him. When I was offering a retreat, the other three were opposing. Certainly we were dubious at that point. It went for several minutes. Interesting our poor Bengali "idiot guide" was with us too. While writing this, i can easily remember his face. He had a black complexion, but due to nervousness his face became darker than anything else. He was silent like dead on that processing.

Even at such incident, we have filmed us too.

In the mean time, our two tribal guides were planning for next move. Both of them were nonchalant about returning back. The two laconic boys had only one thing to say "after crossing this, everything is simple, this is the last one". They were fomenting us to push forward instead. The path we have climbed before was easy to climb up, but deadly difficult to climb down. That's why they were apathetic to retreat. They helped us not cringed from there.

Its basically a crevice. We didn't see the sun for an hour. It felt like an advent raining. We were afraid of flash flood. Trust me, nothing could have saved at there if any flash flood occurred. But the All Mighty was with us. Using the experience and judiciousness, the two tribal boys helped us to pass the deadly cranny one by one. Also our Bengali guide required a hand from them to pass the path. He was the most nervous person from the seven of us.

Polen and Monobikash were helping us.

After crossing that uncanny place, we were exulted. The water level was higher(2-3 ft) but it was on flat land. So we didn't face any difficulties for rest of the 10 minutes of trekking. After that we have reached at the upper step of the Toidu Jhorna(তৈদু ঝরনা), which is known as Kasing Jhorna(কাসিং ঝরনা) to local people. I'll write about that later and also how we four exuberant people returned Dighinala(দীঘিনালা).

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