Rajshahi: Kismat-Maria Mosque(কিসমত-মারিয়া মসজিদ)

Saturday, 17 June 2012

This is an interesting place, located at a remote village. It wasn't at my list. From the bus, i just saw a sign board which is showing the direction of this mosque. So decided to visit it. It was almost end of the day.

Academic name is Kismat Maria Moshjid(কিসমত-মারিয়া মসজিদ), but local people knows this as Durgapur mosque(দুর্গাপুর মসজিদ). The mosque is located at the Maria(মারিয়া) village, adjacent to village Kismat(কিসমত), that's why it is called Kismat-Maria Moshjid(কিসমত-মারিয়া মসজিদ).

It is totally unknown about any sort of historical information. No inscription available at the doorway or anywhere. Even our government doesn't have any document or info regarding this. To add insult to the injury, the local people can not remember anything about this mosque either. Its a total mystery.

It is certain that the mosque was built several hundred years back. It is having three domes at the top. Four ornate pillars at the four sides of the mosque. Eastern side of the mosque is having three entrances. The mosque is built over a 2-3 ft of high base. The domes of the mosque is similar to the Kartalab Khan's Mosque at Old Dhaka.

The mosque has a small house type of building at the southern side. I am not sure what is the house actually doing beside the mosque. But anyway this is another great archaeological object from our Bangladesh.

How to Go:

1) Come to Shibpur Bazar(শিবপুর বাজার) from Rajshahi town. It will be 25-30 minutes of ride using local bus for 10 taka fare. GPS(24°22'52.71"N, 88°46'12.79"E).

2) Using Tempo/Votvoti(ভটভটি), go to the village Pali(পালি গ্রাম). It will be 5 taka per person. GPS(24°24'41.52"N, 88°46'43.75"E).

3) From the Pali village(পালি গ্রাম), take a van or similar things to go to the mosque. Better hire the van for round trip, otherwise you have to walk while returning.


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  2. I already have it... Please check...: http://www.panoramio.com/user/7695239


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