Dinajpur: Ram Sagar Dighi(রাম সাগর দীঘি)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ram Sagor(রাম সাগর) is the largest water tank at Dinajpur(দিনাজপুর) district. This is located at the village Tejpur(তেজপুর) which is around 8 kilometer south of Dinajpur(দিনাজপুর) town. People says this is the largest man made water tank of Bangladesh, but it is wrong. Cause there are several water tanks at North Bengal available which are much bigger than Ram Sagor(রাম সাগর).

This Dighi(দীঘি) was dug by the king Raja Ram Nath(রাজা রাম নাথ) during 1750-1755 to resolve the water crisis of local people who were suffering from dearth. But now a days this is a famous tourist destination at Dinajpur(দিনাজপুর).

How to Go:

You can take any auto from Dinajpur(দিনাজপুর) town that will take you at the Ram Sagar Dighi(রাম সাগর দীঘি). It will be around 30-40 minutes of ride. Alternatively, you can take a van if you wish to enjoy the surroundings during your ride.

When I have reached there, it was afternoon. I have spent around half an hour by swimming at the lake water. Due to hot weather, the water of the lake was slight warm and that indeed couldn't cool my body. But still, it was nice to swim there.

The GPS Coordinate of the Ram Sagor Dighi is (25°33'17.90"N, 88°37'25.53"E).