Dinajpur: Nayabad Mosque(নয়াবাদ মসজিদ)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Nayabad Mosque(নয়াবাদ মসজিদ) is situated at the Ramchandrapur Union(রামচন্দ্রপুর ইউনিয়ন) of Kaharol Upozila(কাহারোল উপজেলা) of Dinajpur District(দিনাজপুর জেলা). This antique mosque is situated to the bank of the moribund river Dhepa(ঢেপা নদী). This mosque is around 1.8 kilometer apart from the great Temple Kantajew. Last time I was running out of time, and could't visit this. But this time it was at my priority list.

I know it is near to the Kantajew Temple. Also you'll find all kind of directions on the road to go there. Everything is nicelly arranged for you. But I needed a GPS coordinate, so that I can calculate everything before going there. All the blogs and articles related to this mosque are giving only the description(i believe copy paste). So, for you, here is the GPS coordinate: (25°46'58.98"N, 88°39'31.01"E)

History behind this mosque is interesting. Like any other mosque similar to this one, it wasn't build by any land lord, or rich merchant. According to the local people, to built the great Kantajew temple, lot of Muslims were came to this place. And those Muslim people built this archaic mosque for their own needs. That's why this mosque is contemporary to the Kantanagar Temple.

Its a small mosque, and having three domes atop. 2-3 rows of people can be arranged inside during praying. But the mosque has a yard at the eastern side where additional people can stand during prayer. According to the inscription at doorway, the mosque was built somewhere around 1793 AD. Now a days a Madrasa is build at the eastern side of the mosque.

How to go:

Firs of all, you have to go to the Kantajew temple. From there, you can take any Van, or Auto Rickshaw to go to the mosque. Or you can have a walk through the enchanting village beauties. It won't take more than 30 minutes if you walk.

To go to the Kantajew temple, you can take the JK bus service(25-30 Taka each person). It will drop you at Rampur Bazar(রামপুর বাজার). From there its 10 Taka van fare for each people.

You can find the JK bus service at the New Terminal of Dinajpur town. Some people says this as Boro Bus Terminal(বড় বাস টার্মিনাল). Or, simply tell anyone that you wish to go to Kantajew Temple. They will guide you to the bus stoppage.

Where to Stay & eat:

Better to stay at the Dinajpur town. Cause this place is not sufficient enough to accommodate a traveler. You may use the government guest house near the Kantajew Temple. But it will be difficult for you to manage foods. No quality restaurant is available near the mosque, or the temple(unless any villager helps you by cooking).