Sunamganj: Limestone Lake of Tekerghat(টেকেরঘাট চুনাপাথরের লেক)

Friday, 03 February 2012

It was our first day at Tahirpur(তাহিরপুর). After arranging the accommodation, it was almost near to 11:00 at morning. So we have decided not to visit the Tanguar Haor(টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওর) today. There is a place near the Indian border named Tekerghat(টেকেরঘাট). Once upon a time there was a limestone quarry available. Now that one is not functioning.

As we have several hours left from the day, we have decided to visit the Tekerghat limestone lake(টেকেরঘাট চুনাপাথরের লেক) and the quarry. According to the bullshit newspaper and other so called reliable sources, the Tekerghat Limestone Lake(টেকেরঘাট চুনাপাথরের লেক) is 3 kilometers from the Tahirpur town(তাহিরপুর). But trust me, it is minimum 18 kilometers north from the town.

Cow crossing the water.

As we knew the road is only three kilometer of walking, all of us were started walking. But unfortunately the road seemed having no end to us. Although it was winter, the weather was extremely hot. We were walking and walking, but the destination was still too far.

Dusty road, far sight is Indian hills.

Whenever we have asked to the people about the destination, everyone were replied only three miles ahead. But that three miles were never finished. The road was too much dusty. Few of us became tired and exhausted by continuum walking.

Though the walking was tedious, but the surrounding scenario was picturesque. Once it is mile after mile paddy fields, then other time it is shallow river. Sometimes it is muddy swamp area, sometimes the houses of local people. It is a different kind of experience. I always love to see such kind of things.

Clean water at roadside.

Possibly it was more than three hours we have walked to reach at the Tekerghat. Amid of our journey, we have made a light lunch using singara and puri(সিঙ্গারা, পুরি) from a local bazaar. There is a limestone lake available at the Tekerghat. Initially we were interested to have a swim at the water. But it was too late, so we have declined our desire that we have cherished throughout the path.

Limestone Lake of Tekerghat. Other side is India.

The water of the lake is clear. We have expected the water of the lake would be blue. But still the water wasn't bad. This lake was created by quarrying the limestone. Exactly other side of the lake is India. People from India were having their bath at that side. Hill of that side having large boulders of limestone, but all belongs to India.

There are few small Tila(টিলা) available at Bangladesh side, possibly 20 ft height and artificial. You can pass few minutes on those if you like.

After exploring the Chunapathor(চুনাপাথর) Lake of Tekerghat, we have moved to Barikka Tila. After exploring that one we have returned to the Tahirpur town and that was almost at the end of the day.

Plants at limestone lake.

How to Go:

Using a bike for 200 taka you can easily come to Tekerghat(টেকেরঘাট). Two person can ride after the driver on a bike. It will be around 40 minutes to reach at Tekerghat(টেকেরঘাট). GPS of Tekerghat(টেকেরঘাট) is (25°11'45.90"N, 91°10'27.69"E).

Limestone Lake.

At the end of the day, our experience was worthy. Though we were tired, but it was something for us. We have learned lot of things, observed a different type of life style from local people, and many more things.


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