Sirajganj: A day at Tarash Bazar(তাড়াশ বাজারে এক দিন)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Roshik Ray Moth(রসিক রায় মঠ)

Roshik Ray Moth(রসিক রায় মঠ):

Basically I went to Tarash(তাড়াশ) to observe the Doi mela(দই মেলা). After finishing the task, I have decided to explore the proximity area. First thing that caught on my attention was the Roshik Ray Moth(রসিক রায় মঠ), an old dilapidated edifice. It is just beside the Mela premise.

Radha gobindo Mondir(রাধা গোবিন্দ মন্দির)

Shoroshwati, the goddess of wisdom and education(বিদ্যা দেবী সরস্বতীর পূজা)

Radha Gobinda Temple(রাধা গোবিন্দ মন্দির):

This temple is at the center of the Tarash bazaar(তাড়াশ বাজার). It was the day of Saraswati Puja(সরস্বতী পূজা) and female were gathered there to vow before the goddess for favor and blessings.

Radha Gobindo Mondir(রাধা গোবিন্দ মন্দির)

Behular Kua(বেহুলার কুয়া):

There is a well available at Binsara Bazar(বিনসাড়া বাজার) which people believed as the well of Behula(বেহুলার কুয়া). The well is located just beside the Binsara(বিনসাড়া) Primary School field. At the bottom of the well, you'll find four small wells. I have never seen such well before. Unfortunately people has dumped crumbs inside that. It is a 40 taka ride for two person from tarash Bazar(তাড়াশ বাজার) using motorbike and takes around 15 minutes.

Behular Kua(বেহুলার কুয়া)

Behular Nouka:(বেহুলার নৌকা)

Other side of the school, you'll find an open field at where the boat of Behula(বেহুলার নৌকা) was floundered. There is nothing left, but people made a sign of boat using the broken bricks to depict the original scenario.

Behular Nouka(বেহুলার নৌকা)

If you want to know how to go to Tarash Bazar(তাড়াশ বাজার), check the bottom of the article from Tarash Doi Mela.


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