Seagull in Naf River - Bangladesh

Seagulls are common in the Naf river and at the shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is not seen to much at other portion of our country Bangladesh (except few rivers) these days. It isn't many years when Seagulls were widely available in our rivers. Like other rare birds of Bangladesh it is about to vanish from our country. Local name of this bird is Gangchil (means the kite of the river).

Though the bird looks white, it has the combination of ash and black at the wings. This bird lives preying on the fishes along with various kind of foods including plants, fruits, seeds, dead or alive beings, etc. In fact this bird is an omnivorous similar to the crow. And also they do not fear to reach near the human for their food as well.

During our cruising these seagulls were following us. They were watching for the fishes which goes near to the surface of the water due to the turbulence from the ship. People were throwing biscuits and crips to them as well. These birds have a very good control in the air. We were tossing the crips in the air, and the birds were catching those crips in air despite of heavy winds. Our last one hour of the cruising gone by watching the plays of these gregarious seagulls.

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