St Martin's Island - Bangladesh

St Martin's Island, Bangladesh

St Martin's Island which is also known as Saint Martin's Island (or simply Saint Martin). This is the most beautiful island from Bangladesh which is located at the southern bay. St Martin's Island is the only coral island from Bangladesh. Local name of the island is Narkel Jinjira which means the island of coconut. Being a coral island the water surrounded by are having blue color. Lot of tourists use to pay a visit to this island during winter (December to February). GPS coordinate of this amazing island is (20°37'45.64"N, 92°19'29.00"E).

St Martin's Island, Bangladesh

The map of this beautiful coral island looks like an '8' of English number. Middle of the island is so narrow that you can see the sea at both eastern and western sides. Possibly the width of the island is few hundred meter at that portion. Name of that portion is Golachipa (which is something similar to narrow neck in english). The overall size of the St Martin's island is around 8 square kilometer.

St Martin's Island, Bangladesh

We have reached to the St Martin's Island at 1:00pm of the day. We have missed our ship and that caused the delayed arrival. After a quick lunch we have reached at the beach for swimming in the ocean water. The swimming was around the high tide and we had lot of waves that time. During the afternoon we have enjoyed the sunset in St Martin's Island (from the western part of the island).

St Martin's Island, Bangladesh
Live Coral stuck over the stone.

There are several things can be done in St Martin's island during the night. You could sit at the beach and hear the murmuring sound of the waves. If it is a moonlight night you could enjoy the ocean under the heavenly light. If it is a dark night then you have the option to look at the sky and gaze at the stars. You have the option to do the indoor activities as well (like playing card games with your travel mates). And of course the barbecue party. Most of the hotels are equipped to provide support for the barbecue. You'd probably find few guys in the fish shop who are willing to help for your barbecue party. Just pick one option which suits you.

St Martin's Island, Bangladesh
Under the jetty, coral gathered around the pillar.

We have passed our night time by playing cards and enjoying the barbecue. We have tasted the Rup Chanda, Koral, Flying Fish, and Chicken barbecue in our two nights of staying. A guy named Nur-e-Alam from Sea Crown resort helped us for that. He had arranged all the things for the barbecue (starting from buying the fishes as well). He seemed a generous guy to me. Next day he invited us to his house and offered free coconut.

St Martin's Island, Bangladesh
Barbecue of Flying fish and lobster.

Next day we have started our day by enjoying the sunrise in St Martin's Island and then the breakfast. After that we have started walking towards the Chhera Dip. There is an option to go there to use the boat (but you have to count your money for that). We have gone and returned from there by walking. Even though it was during the winter, but it was quite hot weather there. It was quite uncomfortable to walk such a long way. But I have enjoyed every part of the walking as the scenic beauty of the island was really amazing.

Chhera Dip of St Martin's island is really beautiful one. You'd find plenty of corals around the edges of the island there. That's why the water is really clear there. You could see plenty of fishes in water if you keep your eyes open. Also the clean and pristine water may lure to jump inside the water too. But be careful, those corals are very sharp. If you want to swim there make sure your feet are covered (i.e. you are wearing something). Otherwise bleeding from your feet is obvious.

You can have an invigorating walk at the long empty beach.

We have selected a nice place where the water is very calm as it was covered by the rocks from all the sides. It had only a small mouth through the water were coming inside. That's why the place was really safe to swim. We didn't want to take any risk with our life. We have done some swimming and playing there for around 2 hours i guess. It was a nice one.

After the water sport we have started returning to the hotel by walking again. While we were returning we were collecting the colorful shells of the mussels. They were very beautiful to look and appearing in different colors and shapes. It was really hard for us to refrain from collecting them from the beach. So we were walking and collecting them. But the water level was raising at the same time.

Rup Chanda barbecue

The Chhera Dip is connected to the main island with a narrow thread like portion which goes under water during the high tide. We were near to that area and the water level had already risen much. It was nearly two feet of water level there when we crossed that portion. If we hadn't cross that area that time we could have stuck there until the low tide.

Koral fish barbecue

At the next day, again we have enjoyed the sunrise, and then breakfast. After that we have had a nap and then checked out our hotel. At that moment we were homeless, so we were wandering around the beach until 3:00 pm. Then we have embarked on the ship and returned to Teknaf. And this is how our three days of St Martin's island has ended up very nicely.

Best time to visit St Martin's Island:

Winter is the best time to visit the St Martin's Island. That time of the year the ocean remains calm most of the time. Also the weather is not that much warm. That's why it is the safest time to go there. Also the cruising ships use to operate between Teknaf and St Martin's Island only that time. So hopefully November to February would be the best time (could extend till March at max).

There are plenty of things to do in St Martin's Island such as barbecue party, sunset and sunrise watching, playing in clear blue water, exploring Chhera Dip, collecting colorful shells, and of course drinking a lot of coconut. I have written articles on each of those as below.

1. Exploring the Chhera Dip

Chhera dip bangladesh

Chhera Dip is located at the southern portion of the St Martin's island. This small portion of the island is connected to the main island by a narrow thread which is accessible during low tide. Otherwise you have to use boat. You can go there using a boat or using your feet. We have chosen the second option. Read more about Chhera Dip.

2. Sunrise in St Martin's Island

Sunrise in St Martin's Island, Bangaldesh

Sunrise is always watching fun and enjoyable. It would a remarkable experience for you if you do that. Read more from Sunrise in St Martin's Island to know how we did it.

3. Sunset in St Martin's Island

Sunset in St Martin's Island, Bangladesh

You've observed the sunrise, then why not the sunset? It is much easier to watch the sunset than sunrise as you don't need to wake up so early. Read more from Sunset in St Martin's Island to know how we did it.

4. Barbecue at night

Don't miss the barbecue opportunity in St Martin's Island. You'd find plenty of people around who would offer you to do the barbecue for you. You can take help from them. Or you could ask your hotel manager so that he could arrange it for you (or at least give you hint to find the right guy for that).

5. Drinking a lot of Coconuts

St Martin's island is known for its fresh coconuts (as you could guess it from the name Narkel Jinjira [island of coconut]). You'd find plenty of coconut tree around. Local shops collects the coconut from those trees and sell to the tourists. Those are fresh and tasty. Don't miss your one.

6. River Naf

River Naf - Bangladesh

River Naf is a transboundary river which is shared between Bangladesh and Myanmar. During your cruising you'd see this river. Instead of sitting inside the cruise ship better stay outside and watch the beauty of the river. Read more about River Naf.

7. Seagulls from the cruise ship

Lot of seagulls follow the cruise ship when you go or return back from the St Martin's Island. It is fun to watch them from a close proximity and feed them. Read more about Seagulls from the cruise ship.

How to Go:

It doesn't matter from where you are coming. First of all you have to come to Teknaf in order to go to St Martin's Island. There are several bus services available from Dhaka to Teknaf. One of the best services from Dhaka is Shamoli Poribohon. Alternately you can come to Cox's bazar from Dhaka and then using local bus services you can reach at Teknaf. The quality of Dhaka - Cox's bazar bus service is a bit better than Dhaka - Teknaf.

From the Teknaf jetty area you can use any ship of St Martin's Island. Eagle, LCT Kutubdia, Keyari Sindbad, etc are the few cruise services for the two hour (or less) of sea cruising. You could buy those tickets from Dhaka if you want. Talk to your bus operator, and check which cruise is linked with them. I'd suggest you to buy cruise tickets from them as they'd wait for the bus to arrive before leaving the jetty.

If you miss your cruise ship, you can use Trawler 100 taka per person. Or use speed boat from Shah Porir Dip. Speed boat is costly. If you have maximum 8 members in your group then you could hire the boat for 2000 Taka.

Where to Stay:

Search your hotels.
Search your accommodation using above tool.

Plenty of hotels and guest houses are available in St Martin's island now a days. If you are with a group of bachelor people, you may not need to book hotels before your arrival. But if you are with your family that case make a reservation. As it could be very difficult to find a suitable accommodation during rush hours. Few good hotels from the island are Obokash, Shimana Periye, Prince Heaven, Sand Shore, Blue Marine, etc. I have used a six bed cottage from Blue Marine Resort. It was 3000 Taka per night. Contact number of their Dhaka booking office is 0173399001.

Where to Eat:

Few hotels of St Martin's Island have food facilities. Those are considerably expensive but you can taste those if you are lazy. If you don't mind to have a walk, then the foods from the jetty area is the cheapest from the whole island. I'd prefer to have a walk towards the jetty and have a feast there. You could ask them to fry fresh fishes for you for your dinner or lunch.


1. If you stay at the eastern side of the island that would help you to see the sun rise. Cause that case you won't need to walk much in morning. And for the sunset you can walk to the western side by having a short walk in well advance.

2. Do not collect any live coral from the St Martin's island as a souvenir. Those look much beautiful in that island than your house.

3. Do not through rubbish around the island and do not make it dirty. As you do not spit in your house we hope you won't do that in that island too.

4. No matter how good at you swimming, always take extra precaution. Do not put your life in danger by doing unnecessary adventurous things.

Sunset in St Martin's Island, Bangladesh

Sunrise in St Martin's Island, Bangaldesh

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  4. what's the best time to travel there?
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    1. ## Best time is always winter and risk free, but lot of crowds...

      ## Also during other season you'll not find any ferry which means you have to use trawler... it is risky, less crowds, and adventurous...

  5. How much time it is needed to visit Chera Dip? Is it ok if I visit in February?

    1. by walking an hour... it is totally safe during february...


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