Manikganj: Motter Moth(মত্তের মঠ)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Temple of Motto or Motter Moth(মত্তের মঠ) is at the village Motto(মত্ত গ্রাম) which is located at the eastern side of Manikganj(মানিকগঞ্জ) town. If you take a rickshaw, it will take you around 20 minutes to reach there for 30-35 taka fare. GPS coordinate of the temple is (23°51'19.34"N, 90° 1'22.83"E).

This temple is 50-60 ft tall, like a Shiva temple. Currently the temple is abandoned, located beside a pond. A new temple is built near the old one having it's own boundary.

It is unsure about the builder name and the duration. People says that a prominent Jomidar Ram Krishna Sen(জমিদার রামকৃষ্ণ সেন) lived at Motto. Possibly he has built this temple. From the close observation, the temple can be around 100 years of old, or may be less.

Around the temple area is kind of village. So you won't get bored during traveling there.


  1. Not sure, but it looks like a buddhist structure, very unique. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This place is very known to childhood place.. I am from Motta Kabiraj Bari..


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