Barik Tila & Jadukata Nodi(বারিক টিলা & জাদুকাটা নদী)

জাদুকাটা নদীর অনেক নাম ডাক শুনেছি... তাই এইবার সুনামগঞ্জ ভ্রমন করার সময় এই নদী দেখার লোভ সামলাতে পারলাম না... স্বচ্ছ নীল পানি আমাকে সব সময়ই টানে... কিন্তু আগে জানতামনা এই নদীর পানি নীল... তাই দেখার পরে খুব ভালো লাগলো... অনেকটা লালাখালের মতন... সত্যি বলতে, ভারতের পাহাড় চুয়ে যেসব নদী আমাদের দেশে ঢুকেছে, তার সবগুলার পানি কিন্তু এইরকমই হয়... এইবার তো শীতকালের চেহারা দেখলাম... বর্ষায় কেমন রূপ নেয় এই নদী, সেইটা দেখার জন্য অপেক্ষার পালা...

Jadukata Nodi(জাদুকাটা নদী), another blue river from Bangladesh. I have heard lot about this river, but didn't think that it would look exactly similar to the great Shomeswari(সমেস্বারী) and Shari(সারি) River. Like those river, Jadukata river(জাদুকাটা নদী) is originated from the Meghalaya Hills of India and entered into Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ).

The river is very wide, but due to winter it has became tiny. The mile long sandy bank of the river will give you a hint about the fierceness of the river at rainy season.

The color of the river is bluish and the water is very clear. You can almost see the bottom of the river from the bank, hardly any dirt there. You'll find lot of large stones around the bank of the river. Also people use to cull sand from the river on a regular basis.

There is a hillock beside the river, possibly 150 feet is the height. People says that as Barik Tila(বারিক টিলা), Barikka Tila(বারিক্কা টিলা), etc. From the top of the hill, the people and the boats beside the river look very small.

There is a pillar available at the hill which defines the border of Bangladesh and India. You should be very careful about that. Indian BSF are never friendly towards us.

This river has produced lot of brunches and joined with many canals and small rivers, but finally all of those joined with the great river Surma of Sunamganj(সুনামগঞ্জের সুরমা নদী).

After enjoying the beauties, I have enjoyed a short swim at the cold water of the river. People says the water of this river is cold in any season. But it is winter now, so the water is almost like freeze water. I think 15 minute was enough for me, after that I was feeling pain on my chest for extreme cold.

How to Go:

The GPS of the Jadu kata river(জাদুকাটা নদী) is (25°11'27.03"N, 91°14'56.05"E). If you want to go there, you have to hire motor bike. It is around 300 taka for two person on a bike(same from Sunamganj town(সুনামগঞ্জ শহর), or Tahirpur(তাহিরপুর)). It will take 60-80 minutes based on the speed of the bike.

Where to stay:

You can stay at Tahirpur(তাহিরপুর), or at Sunamganj(সুনামগঞ্জ). There are several hotels available at Sunamganj(সুনামগঞ্জ শহর) town. But at Tahirpur(তাহিরপুর), you have to relay on the guest houses of Upozila Porishod(উপজেলা পরিষদ) and Dak Banglo(ডাক বাংলো).

I'll go there again at next Rainy Season to observe the other face of the river.


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