Sirajganj: Doi Mela At Tarash(তাড়াশের দই মেলা)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Few days back an interesting news caught my attention. It was related to Doi Mela(দই মেলা) at Sirajganj district(সিরাজগঞ্জ জেলা). More specifically it is at Tarash Upozila(তাড়াশ উপজেলা). I didn't hear about such peculiar curds fair before. So I wanted to experience a different kind of flavor from the Mela.

I have started my journey at early morning. Normally I don't do journey at morning. When I have reached at the Tarash Thana Bazar(তাড়াশ থানা বাজার), it was 12:30 of the day. Sun was bright, and weather was slight hot in spite of winter, which means less crowed at the Mela area. People will come at afternoon and the Mela premise will be a viable place then.

The size of the Mela is not a great one. Around 25 Ghosal(ঘোষাল, curd maker) brought their product curds. The Mela held in the field beside an Old temple named Roshik Ray Temple(রসিক রায় মন্দির). Every year during the 5th day of the Moon in Bengali Calendar month Magh(বাংলা মাস মাঘ) the Mela use to start only for the single day. Its the day of Shoroshoti Puja(সরস্বতি পূজা).

The quality of the curds from the fair is having medium quality. But the interesting part was the different shaped pots in which they were selling the curds. All the pots were made from burnt soil which keeps the curds cool for a long time.

According to the local people, the Mela initially organized by the Jomidar Banoari Laal Raybahadur(জমিদার বানারী লাল রায়বাহাদুর) during his ruling period. As he liked curds too much, he arranged the Mela and announced a lucrative prize for the best curd maker and which just lured the curds makers and increased the popularity of the curd fair quickly. This Mela is still continuing, but the size shrieked as expected.

From the Mela, I have bought 2 KG of Doi(দই), and 250g Chira(চিড়া) for the lunch. The Mela had different kind of curds, such as thick, light, sour, sweet. If you are not expert on curds, you may not distinguish the curds from the outside look.

It was a different kind of tour and I have had a different kind of flavor from the tour.

How to Go:

1) Take a bus from Kollanpur Bus Stand(কল্যানপুর বাস স্ট্যান্ড). Ask the counter to give you a ticket of Mohishluti Mor(মহিষলুটি মোড়). Hanif(হানিফ), Shamoli(শ্যামলী), National are the best available services. Bus fair is currently 350 Taka per person. It will be around 4 hours to reach the destination.

2) Ask the bus to drop you at Mohishluti Mor(মহিষলুটি মোড়). The GPS of the location is (24°22'25.68"N, 89°22'56.97"E).

3) From the Mohishluti More(মহিষলুটি মোড়), better take the Van(ভ্যান) to go Tarash(তাড়াশ). It will be 20-25 minutes of ride and cost will be 15 Taka per head.

4) The Mela is beside the Tarash Bazar(তাড়াশ বাজার). GPS of the Mela is (24°25'47.25"N, 89°22'19.36"E).

Where to Stay:

You cannot stay at Tarash(তাড়াশ). You have to make your accommodation either at Sirajganj(সিরাজগঞ্জ) town, or at Natore(নাটোর).

Where to Eat:

Tarash(তাড়াশ) is a poor and underdeveloped area. But still there is a handy restaurant at the bazaar where you can do your lunch.

Note: This is a single day Curds Fair, and it is the day of Shoroshoti Puja(সরস্বতি পূজা).