Boktnogor Jomidar Bari & Mosque - Nawabganj

Boktnogor is a place located near the Shikari Para after Bandura bazaar. Beside the bank of the Ichhamoti river you'd find an old house that is currently abandoned. I don't know much about the house (no description found). From the architecture of the old house I only can assume that it was a house of a wealthy man who could have been a Jomidar or a rich merchant. This well built edifice has lot of rooms inside. Front side of the house is still firm but damaged at the back sides.

Even in now a days the house has a lot of open spaces around, including ponds. At the south-west side of the building there is another edifice is available. This one is an old mosque. Similar to the main building it is unknown about the builder of the mosque. If the owner of the mosque and the house is the same person then I must say the owner was a Muslim. The village name is Boktnogor which could have come from Bokht Nogor. Possibly someone lived there named Bokht and sounds a Muslim name. Anyway all are predictions.

This is the back side of the old building.

The mosque is a small one having three domes at the top. Middle one is a bit larger compare to other twos. Just above the main gate, and inscription is found written in Arabic. I couldn't translate that one. The mosque has a pond at the southern side and a graveyard at the eastern side. I have visited the place hastily, otherwise I could have talked to local people to cull some information about the buildings.

How to Go

1. Take the bus of Bandura from Fulbari, Gulistan. N Mallik, Druto, etc are the available services. Bus fare is around 70 Taka per person.

2. After around 2 hours you'd be at Bandura bazaar. GPS coordinate of Bandura bazaar is (23°39'28.82"N, 90°6'31.76"E).

3. From Bandura bazar you have to go to Baruakhali. Using a bus it would take 15-20 minutes. Using a Tomtom (a local battery driven three wheeler) it will take 30+ minutes. Fare is 20 Taka.

4. Cross the river Ichhamoti at Baruakhali and you'd find this old building and the mosque. GPS coordinate of the mosque and old building is (23°40'57.90"N, 90°4'7.85"E).

Mosque near Boktnogor.

Pond near the mosque.

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Friday, 30 December 2011