Birisiri: Enjoying Sunset at Shomeswari River Bank

Friday, 16 December 2011

This was our very first day at Birisiri(বিরিশিরি). When we have reached at the YWCA guest house, it was around 3:00 at the afternoon. After the lunch, we had only few hours before the daylight is totally gone. We have decided to pass the afternoon at the bank of the river Shomeswari(সোমেশ্বরী) to enjoy the sunset.

Dried up at the middle of the river.

There is a ghat(ঘাট) near Durgapur(দুর্গাপুর) bazaar, the Google map coordinate is (25° 7'29.86"N, 90°40'22.85"E). We have decided to enjoy the sunset from that place. Authority placed few park type of benches at that there. It was lovely to watching the sun and the dried up river from there at chilling weather.

Coal, collected from the river

After few minutes of resting, we have started walking to reach near the water. Unless the rainy season, it is really hard to find noticeable amount of water from the river. Shomeswari(সোমেশ্বরী), the fierce river of rainy season became a poor canal at this winter. There are lot of Coals are amassed at the bank which were culled from the river. For unloading the coals, the water near that area became black(not polluted).

Having the opaque sky, the sunset wasn't that much glowing. Only the red sun ball at the sky during the sunset. Also having less water at the river, it was hard to find a good reflection from the water. But still, after a long hectic journey, it was an enthralling moment for us. We have enjoyed the sunset at that chilling weather so much.

While returning, we found a shop amid of the sandy river. It was basically for the workers who are working for loading/unload the coals from the boats/trucks. We have passed few moments at that shop by gossiping with the shopkeeper and having tea.

After returning the guestroom, non of us had any doubt about the time passing. In my opinion, it was the best way to pass that ample amount of time.