Mymensingh: Shoshi Lodge(শশী লজ)

Friday, 16 December 2011

Statue of Greek goddess Venus

It was on our way to Birisiri. After refueling the car at Mymensingh(ময়মনসিংহ) town, we have decided to visit this Jomidar house(জমিদার বাড়ি) from the town. We have spent 20-30 minutes around the palace premise.

This palace was built by the King SurjoKanto(সুর্যকান্ত). He had an adopted son named ShoshiKanto(শশীকান্ত). The king named the palace according to his son's name. Shoshikanto(শশীকান্ত) was the last inherent of that ruler family.

The architecture of the palace is not that much byzantine in design. You'll find a statue of Greek goddess Venus in front of the palace that was built using marble stone. I have found this statue is the most interesting part of that premise.

As we hadn't that much time for exploring the place, we have missed the pond behind the palace and the great Naglinum tree(নাগলিঙ্গম গাছ). The fruit from that ancient tree was used to feed the elephants.

I have a plan to explore the Mymensingh district, and that time I'll explore this old mansion once again. Next time I'll spend more time there.

Statue of Greek goddess Venus

This Jamindar house(জমিদার বাড়ি) is located at the main town. You can easily go there using rickshaw or by walking. This old house is currently using as Women Teachers Training College. Friday/Saturday is the best time to visit as regular working is close on that day. GPS coordinate of this antique house is (24°45'43.63"N, 90°24'11.67"E). It is near the Boro bazar area. Better ask anyone for the location of Mohila TT college(মহিলা টিটি কলেজ).