Birisiri: Hajong Mata Roshimoni Monument(হাজং মাতা রশিমনি স্মৃতিসৌধ)

On the way of BDR camp of Bijoypur, you'll find a monument. This monument was built for remembering the courageous sacrifice of Hajong Roshimoni(হাজং রশিমনি). She was killed during the Tonk Andolon(টনক আন্দোলন). The GPS coordinate of the monument is (25° 9'27.72"N, 90°39'32.31"E).

That event was actually taking position against the barbarian ruler of that area. The Shushong King/Jomidar(সুসংগ রাজা/জমিদার) was the owner of all lands and local people were only allowed to cultivate there. They were forced to pay a portion from their crops, no matter how good or bad the harvest is. This cruel rule just crippled the farmers economically. So they have decided to stand against the ruler under the banner of Hajong Roshimoni(হাজং রশিমনি) who was later killed.

The monument is simple in design and may not be an attractive structure to you, but if you know the history behind, you may find this interesting. The book Bangladesher Krishoker Shongram(বাংলাদেশের কৃষকের সংগ্রাম) by Shotten Sen(সত্যেন সেন) has more detail about this courageous lady.