Rangamati: Strolling around DC park

Friday, 15 July 2011

Location: (22°39'16.01"N, 92°11'53.43"E)

After delving and doing "Humpty Humpty" at the Ghagra Jhiri(ঘাগরা ঝিরি) of Kolatoli(কলাতলী), we were almost tired. I have had plenty of time for sleeping interim of the refreshment and the dress changing.

Our plan was to pass the afternoon at Hanging Bridge(ঝুলন্ত সেতু) of Parjatan(পর্যটন). We were almost ready for that, but the rain suddenly started to show it's beauty again and we had nothing to do but passing the an idle time inside the hotel room by gossiping, sometimes standing at the balcony to enjoy the rain drops over the massive Kaptai Lake(কাপ্তাই লেক).

It was exactly 50 minutes before the sunset when the rain just stopped. So we have changed our plan and decided to visit the DC Park around the Banglow of Rangamati Deputy Commissionaire. It wasn't that far from our hotel. When we have reached there, it was almost dark(between sundown and evening).

Its a small park and exactly beside the lake. It was too breezy and causing heavy waves over the lakes and was throwing the waves at the shore of the lake. Far side mountain had few clouds hanging on it's steep, breeze was pretty cool, the sound of water was enthralling our minds, overall the ambient was exquisite.

Since we were too late over there, and the evening just started, we had to return back after passing very short but an exciting moment around there. We had a problem of finding vehicles for returning back as it was dark. Google map coordinate for the location is (22°39'16.01"N, 92°11'53.43"E).

Few of the photos of this article were taken by my travel mates.