Chamely House - Dhaka

Chamely house (also Chameli house) is located near the press club of Dhaka. Initially the building used as a residence for the unmarried female officials of British Government who were working in Dhaka. After 1938 the building has used as the girl's dormitory (starting with 12 girls initially) of Dhaka University for several years. During the Pakistan period and few years after the independence of Bangladesh, this building was used by the Public Service Commission (PSC) as their head quarter. After 1985 (few people contradict 1975) it was handed to the Center for Integrated Rural Development of Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP).

Chamely House, Dhaka

This nice looking house was built during 1920. A British architect Robert Luis Proudolk has designed the overall layout of that area (Karzon hall, Ramna garden, Court buildings). I am not sure, but may be that guy has designed that building too. Whoever it was, undoubtedly was a consummate architect. It is a cottage type of house which looks like the other British buildings around the world.

Chamely House, Dhaka

After a long time today I have managed myself to have a hasty excursion around the Dhaka city. I have started with this beautiful Chamely house that is located at Topkhana road, Dhaka. Few people use to call this as Chummery house. I don't know what is the exact nomenclature behind this beautiful edifice.

Chamely House, Dhaka

The building was renovated during 2006 by replacing the tiles from the roof top. Originally it was made of red slats (we people use to call this red tali). During the renovation unfortunately we didn't take any special care to retain the antiquity, and thus the modification didn't go 100% with primordial design.

How to Go:

This Colonial edifice is locate at the Topkhana Road of Dhaka. It is at the opposite side of the Old High Court building, beside the National Press Club. Also opposite of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exact GPS coordinate of the Chamely house is (23°43'45.25"N, 90°24'19.93"E). There is a circle in front of the house which people use to call Kodom fowara circle.

Chamely House, Dhaka

There is always a security guard in front of the main entrance of the Chamely house premise. It depends upon his mood to allow you an entry. So be polite and ask your permission. I have introduced myself as a writer who writes about old buildings from Dhaka and it worked for me.

Chamely House,
Topkhana road,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (23°43'45.25"N, 90°24'19.93"E)

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Saturday, 11 June 2011


  1. The word Chummery means the house for bachelor people. That's why it is called Chummery house. But latter on somehow we have converted the name into Chamely house. Possibly first one was harder for us to pronounce.


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