Bandarban: Expedition Rumana, Day-6

Saturday, 18th September 2010

Continuation from Day-5 Expedition...

This is our last day for this trekking session. We have plenty of time in our hand but very short distance to cover today. So everyone is a bit relax today. Most of us had an excellent sleep last night, and wake up a bit late(compare to other days). After freshen up everyone is ready to start.

It is around 7:30 at morning, and the Bogalake is still awesome. Colorful water everywhere due to the ambient shadow of the trees and clouds are amenable for these occult scenery. It was hard to leave such a beauty behind. But no problem, soon we will be here.

Boga Lake at morning

The trekkers from Bogalake normally use the trek through the traditional "Jhiri Path". But there is an alternate way which you can use to return at "Ruma Bazar". This is through the "Marma Para" Jhiri Path. But the path is not smooth as the traditional one, also its time consuming. Unless anyone is too adventurous, normally don't use this trek. Since we all are here for adventure, and we have time on hand, we picked this route.

Marma Para Jhiri Poth

I have heard that the Marma Tribes are a bit unclean compare to the other tribal colonies from our hilly area. And its became true. Its hard for me to say, but yes, they are a bit grubby. Still, I have a passion about culture, and I have enjoyed those Marma People and their houses.

Marma Para Jhiri Poth

After the "Marma Para", the Jhiri is started. Its a bit narrow, and too many large boulders those make the walking difficult. Sometimes the path is having a large stoned surface and which is very slippy, and risky. We have already trekked the hardest few one last two days, so it is not making any problem for us. According to our team captain, local Marama people only come here for hunting fishes and other animals.

After three hours, we have reached at the "Boga Mukh Para", where we have stayed our first night. So far today, most of the trek I was alone, cause the faster trekkers were too much ahead of me, and the slowest trekkers were lagging too much behind. So I found the leading trekkers were having some snacks under the small hut kind of shade at Boga Mukh Para. I have Joined them without any invitation.

Boga Mukh Para

I think today is the most hottest day for this expedition. At this tour we all are experienced with almost all kind of weathers. Excellent. Now time for moving forward once again. After "Boga Mukh Para", our path will be always meandered with the beautiful "Ruma Khal".

Jhiri Poth & Ruma Khal

There is a place near Ruma Khal, where a small shop is available. I think there is a tribal colony available around that place. This shop is helpful for the trekkers. They can find some foods over here. At "Day-1" of this expedition, we had found some Papaya here, but today it is not available, but banana is available. Interim of our resting period, 4/5 beautiful tribal girls were having bath at the water of shallow Ruma Khal. It just increased the beauty of the canal further more.

A tea stall amid of Jhiri Poth

Around 3 hours after Boga Mukh Para, we have reached at the beneath of the "Lai Rumpi" hill. After this hill, its Ruma Bazar. It is around 1:30 of the day. Very hot day, and my skin is scorching. Before climbing the hill, Tushar was talking about his experienced from his expedition. According to him, this hill climbing is terribly hard for the trekkers, cause the trekker knows its the last step, so his muscles used to get out of control. Naturally people used to sucked up at his last step. Also we are already tired at the end. So he warned me.

Ruma Khal beneath of Lai Rumpi Hill

Then I have stopped myself climbing the hill, and taking some rest under a tree. Also I have washed my faces and head to get some refreshment. But you know, nothing worked for me. After few minutes of climbing, I am feeling tired and taking heavy breaths. But I have to climb this anyway. So I am making some small progresses. At the peak of the hill, all of our leading trekkers are resting, and congratulate us for climbing this one(they already experienced how hard it was).

View from Lai Rumpi Hill, the path that just been trekked

After taking some rest under the tree, we finally get inside the Jony's house(our guide boy). Around an hour of resting, we are now moving towards the "Ruma Ghat"(doc). I thought our adventure is just finished, and next few hours will be dull. But interesting, our captain hired an engine boat for 3000 taka. This boat will take us to the Bandarban Town. So no more two hours of boring bus journey. Everyone is excited about this. We have left our captain at there(he is a freak about mountain), and rest of us jumped inside the boat.

Its around the rainy season, and the river has prominent amount of water, and the water flow is on our direction, thus a boat can easily travel from Ruma Bazar to Bandarban town easily. But it will be unwise to use an engine boat from Bandarban to Ruma Bazar, because it will be against the current/flow, and it will eat your precious time.

Shangu River, view from our engine boat

After the starting of the boat, its terribly hot around. And we have nothing to do. So me and others took a small nap. About an hour when we get on our feet, it was surprisingly cloudy around, and its about to rain. Cool weather. Everyone moved at the top/roof of the boat, and started to enjoy the beauty around the river banks.

There were several rainbows at the sky due to the hide and seek of the clouds and sun. Also the mild rain is keep going on. Our boat is racing with the cloud now. Sometime the boat is ahead of the cloud, and sometime the cloud is ahead of the boat. I am enjoying this race. If you ever get a chance to visit Bandarban during rainy season, don't miss this boat journey from Ruma Bazar to Bandarban town.

Around 7 we have reached at the town. After relaxing at the bus counter, all went to a nearby hotel for the dinner. Our bus will start at 9:30, night. So we need to complete this dinner quickly. Unfortunately the dinner was very bad. It was having stale foods, but we had to eat those.

After the dinner, we are now waiting for the bus to start for Dhaka. A successful expedition is just completed. I would love to thanks to our team captain, and the second captain Tushar for their support.

I will comeback with new expedition when it will be made. Till then good bye.


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