Jamalpur: An incandescent afternoon with scenic beauty

Sunday, 19th December 2010

Our city life just made us cruel and selfish. At my case, I have some relatives who are just crazy about me. They used to love me more than their own child. I had a good communication with them, frequently. But when I grew older, and started to learn the labyrinth of my own life, soon I started to forgot their feelings. My youngest aunt, who has married around 7/8 years back, and I haven't had any chance to visit her home. All these years, only she came to see me. During my this tour, I didn't want to miss the chance to surprise her with my presence.

Left side of the canal is Tangail, and right side is Jamalpur district.

This article is all about a lovely village near my aunt's house with full of picturesque views. The name of the village is "Nor Para". I don't know what is the nomenclature for the village. This village is under the Pingna(Pighna) Union of Sharishabari of Jamalpur district. At the eastern part of the village(which is also the last border of the district), you'll find a canal(name I don't know). This is much wider compare to normal canals. But the depth of the canal is not too much. The marsh under the water is still visible even at the middle of the canal. This is a great source of fishes for local villagers. Other side of the canal is Tangail district.

Pastoral fields after harvest, and foggy far side.

The road beside the canal is typical village road("Metho Poth"). I am crazy for this kinds of roads. I have visited many places from Bangladesh, and there are lots of place where you'll not find this kind of roads. The modern technology just evanescent this beauties from those villages. It was a cool afternoon of winter. There was almost a full moon at the sky. I can see the mirror image of the moon and sky at the water of the canal. The water was so tranquil to built the image more realistically.

"Fingey/Fechkula Pakhi"(Black Drongo Bird)

One side of the path is having that canal, and other side is having a mile long paddy field, which are just harvested after the paddies were ripen. The fields are looking like a golden field, and at the far side the fogs are still visible, which indicating the high winter is impending. This kinds of paddy fields are a great hunting ground for Drongo Birds. I didn't miss the chance to enjoy the activities of those birds.