Jamalpur: Jheenai, a trans-boundary river

Tuesday, 21st December 2010

River Jheenai

Bangladesh is country of rivers, and hundreds of tortuous rivers just meandered through this land. From the very early of the civilization, people used separate the region of their clan based on mountains or rivers. This practice is still sustained among us till now. You will find myriad number of trans boundary rivers which used to separate the district's boundary.

River Jheenai, left side is Jamalpur, right side is Tangail district

Today, I am going to emanate a trans-boundary river, this one is from my native district. This river sometimes used to draw the boundary line between Tangail district, and my native district, Jamalpur. This river is originated from the great "Brahamma Putra" river(some people may refer to Jamuna river, if the get further back). The name of the river is Jheenai(Some people may call it Jhinai). The word Jheenai means "Jhinuk"(Mussel in english) in my native language. It may happen that people used to collect profound numbers of mussels from the river, and hence it carried the name(though i am not sure about this nomenclature.)

River Jheenai, other side is Tangail district

I have never heard about any types of cataclysm that occurred by the river. Such a mild river is just passed through several Upazila from Jamalpur, and then it became trans boundary when flowing between two districts. After that it moves further inside Tangail district, and later it ends where I don't know(may be joined again with Jamuna?).

This river is a boundary for the Dhanbari Thana of Tangail, and Sharishabari thana of Jamalpur. So if you wish to visit the place, you have to reach at the brink of either one from Jamalpur, of Tangail.