An Unknown waterfall at Rangamati

Sunday, 08th August 2010

My second day at Rangamati. I have already visited the Shubolong Waterfall yesterday. But just few hundreds meter apart from the Shubolong Waterfall, there is an unknown(or not given any name) waterfall still dropping sweetly. Last day I have missed that. But today, I had to come at this path for another reason, and while returning with the same path, I didn't miss the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall.

If you are planning to visit the Shubolong Waterfall, then you can go there within 5 minutes. From Shubolong Waterfall to Shubolong Bazar, it will be at your right side of hand. The water from the fall is directly dropping at the water of the lake. The base of the waterfall is a bit wider, and 90 degree steep. The water at that portion seemed to me a bunch of untied hair from a beautiful lady.

The upper portion of the fall is hard to observe. The more upwards you'll watch, the trail of the fall is more inside the hill and green trees. But still a thin small line can be seen from the bottom. Looked like a snake is meandered through. It is amazing to watch this waterfall. In fact its hard for me to describe the beauty of this. For your information, you'll not be able to climb there, you have to stand on your boat, no landing is available.

I have captured a video too. This will give you more idea about the beauty of the waterfall. So, if you are planning to visit around the fall, don't miss the chance. Have a nice journey.


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