Rangamati: Wandering at Kaptai Lake

Saturday & Sunday, 07th & 08th August 2010

If you talk about Rangamati, only one thing i can suggest, is the lake. This is the only thing for which you must have to go again and again to enjoy your weekends. The lake is man made, and vast. I have visited this lake from Chittagong, and Mohalchhori of Khagrachhori(yes, this lake has some portion at those districts either). This time the opportunity came to enjoy the beauty of the lake from Rangamati itself.

My main objective of the tour accomplished at the very first day, and since then, I had nothing to do, but wandering throughout the lake with an engine boat. I think I can cruise over the lake day after day without any tiring. The teal water of the lake really lured me to make a permanent resident around there. I was lucky at second day, after a very short raining, I have seen a whole rainbow over the lake. It just seemed that the rainbow is a bridge from one side of the lake to other side. The bow was at eastern sky, while the sun was around 2 hours to down for that day.

This lake was built around somewhere 1960. If you view the map of Rangamati district, you'll find two lakes are connected through the river Karnafuli, or you can say, the river passes through the both of the lakes. Since the water level increased for the dame, it will be too hard to find the trail of the river. There are small islands(actually was a hill, the lake water couldn't overhaul the height) inside the lakes, and some tribal people used to live there. Along with the tribal, you'll find lots of bengali people too.

The best transportation of the district is boat, if you are looking for beauty. There are lots of rowing boats, and shampans around the lakes just increased the beauty value of the lake. Different tribal people are communicating with the boats, and wearing their traditional dresses. Sometimes you'll find both bengali and tribal people are sharing the transport at the same boat. If I visit this district again, it will be only for this lake.

If you have time, you can enjoy some video clips from the above video those I have captured during my visit.