Rangamati: Shubolong Waterfall

Saturday, 07th August 2010

This rainy season, I have planned to visit most of the waterfalls from Bangladesh. Only at rainy season waterfalls are blessed with full glory. My expedition at Rangamati district of Bangladesh was to observe the "Shubolong Waterfall"(some people write as "Shubholong or Shuvolong"). In fact I wasn't interested to visit any other places from district.

I have reached the Rangamati town by around 9 at morning. I had an awful bus journey at last night. Bus was supposed to reach the town before 7 at morning. Anyway, rushed into the hotel, and just dumped my backpack inside, and get back to move faster. I didn't want to waste a second anymore.

I have hired a small sized engine boat, and it cost me 800 taka. It was a bright day, and weather was hot, and being a Bangladeshi Citizen, I'm well habituated with that temperature. So, its time to put on the sun glass, and start enjoy the beauty Demon!

The only available path to reach at the waterfall is through water, through the lake. My boat moving mildly, no hurry. It gave me plenty of times to enjoy the beauty around. I have climbed to the roof of the boat, and from there took all the photographs of around.

After around 1.5 hours of journey I have reached near the Shuvolong Waterfall. This waterfall is just before the Shubholong Bazaar. Means from the waterfall, it will take around 5 minutes to reach at bazaar. Anyway, its not a tourist season, but still some tourists are available around. I was feeling sad when I saw the people are watching the waterfall, and making chaos. I want to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall with the natural sound. Means the water dropping sounds, not with the laughing and shouting from visitors.

But luckily after around 15-20 minutes, all of them are gone. Thanks to the All Mighty. Now its time to enjoy the waterfall. Sound of dropping water was mesmerizing. No external chaos. Quickly I have captured few photos of the waterfall, otherwise in any moment any other visitor may fill this place.

I had my shorts and extra pair of cloths with me, but I don't know why, I didn't find any interest to take a shower with the clean and pure water of the waterfall. I have touched the water and it was too cold. I loved to sunk my feet at the cold water, it was wonderful.

After enjoying the beauty of the waterfall during this rainy, I had to come back. If you plan to visit this waterfall, you can make a single day trip easily from Dhaka. At any weekend, or government holiday, you can come to visit this beauty.