Rangamati: Peda Ting Ting

Saturday, 07th August 2010

Peda Ting Ting, a lovely place for the convivial people. A place for having chit-chat with friends, and feed yourself if hungry. Its located a remote island, and you have to use water vehicles to reach that place. Normally, people do not go there to visit only this place. Tourist visit here during returning or going towards the Shubolong Waterfall.

If you are sure that it will be around lunch time when you'll return from Shubolong, that case you can order your foods so that they can serve you quickly when you will back from Shubolong. Or you can order your food for evening, after enjoying the sunset from the place. I didn't watch the sunset from here, but you can. Try it.

There are some small huts around the island, and you can have your sit for a while before or after the lunch. I didn't ask there, but it has a facility for night passing with at small cottages. The most beautiful part from the small island is, the tides from the lake is jumping over the shore. Chose a place depending upon the wind flow, otherwise you'll miss melodious sound. Also make sure no crowds around, I hate crowds, and like lonely cool and calm place to enjoy my time, alone.