Rangamati: Midingachhori Waterfall(Jhorna)

Sunday, 08th August 2010

I should thank to my friend, and to the All Mighty for visiting such a place. It was around 11 at morning, and when I have checked my cell phone, there was around 15 missed call on that. Means my friend tried to reach me by phone.

View Midingachhori Waterfall from Lake

My friend informed me that there is a waterfall at Midingachhori(some people used to pronounce as Mitingachhori), where no tourist used to visit due to lack of security. That place is around 30 minutes apart form Shubolong Bazaar(Army Camp). Since no army camp, that area is ruled by local tribal groups.

You have to climb this stream to reach at the bottom of the waterfall

When I heard about the waterfall, I was flying like a flamingo, didn't expect another waterfall around here. So once again reached at the "Rajbari Ghat" to hire an engine boat. This time I have asked the boatman whether he is familiar with the place Mitingachhori(Midingachhori) or not. The boatman informed me that he knows the place, but never went there. But he was confident enough. So hired him.

After climbing the stream, just looked behind what I left, cause I had to get down through this one again :(

Once again the same path, this time I was passing the Shuvolong waterfall, and had no time to stop there. Both side of the river has hills covered with solid rocks. At Shublong bazaar, you have to stop your boat, and the Army will ask you about your voyage. Just a routine check.

From that place, it took around 30 minutes to reach the Midingachhori School. Since no tourist here, you'll find almost no engine boat around. All are rowing boats, which are very fast. Tribal people are moving one place to another using those boats. The scenery around the river is really awesome.

At the school, I had to ask the local people about the Waterfall(Spring, Jhorna). The have pointed me that its behind the school, but to reach there I have to use my boat. From the main lake, there is a small canal about 50 meter will take you inside. This is not visible from the lake.

I have landed my boat at the base where the stream of the water is dropping at the lake water. Its a bit hard to reach at the bottom of the waterfall. Cause you have to climb the stream of the fall which is slippy. But carefully I have moved upwards, and got captured the beauty. The palce is a bit conjusted and its really hard to take the whole waterfall with a single frame, unless you have a wide angle camera.

Its amazing, cause no torust, no chaos, only the dropping of the water. This is producing small amount of water, but through out the year it used to produce water like that. Its a live waterfall, and it never dry up(according to local). May be I can visit this one at dry season to examine whether its true or false. The main attractive portion of the waterfall is, it has three steps, and you can easily differentiate the three parts. I have uploaded a video too. Hope you'll like this.