Rangamati: Jhulonto Bridge, Parjatan Kendra

Sunday, 08th August 2010

Parjatan Motel is located after the Tabalchhori of Rangamati town. People can stay there while visiting this outstanding district of Bangladesh. To attract more people, local authority made a "hanging bridge" over the lake of that place. Everyday numerous numbers of tourist use to promulgate their staying at Rangamati by passing the evening at that place.

This bridge is made during 1984 or around that time. Actually this is not a true hanging bridge. It has two pillars at both sides, inside water. It was rainy season, and not that much tourist available here at this period. I came to know, you can not make a foot step during winter(peak time for the tourist).

This place is nice, you can enjoy your afternoon here. Also pass time by walking around. But you know, I had no intention to visit this place. Also It was not at my visiting list. I don't like places that are man-made, and commercial areas. It was around 5 at afternoon, and I had nothing to do, except waiting for the bus at night. So I have visited the place.

You can have a boat ride here. Just needs to higher a boat. Price can vary, so ask several boats for your service, and pick the cheapest one. Also you can swim around there, but careful, some people died here before. Make sure you are not the next one. I am suggesting other people to visit the place. Every person has different taste, you may be different from me. If you(or anyone) talk about Rangamati, first image at your head is, the hanging bridge.