Rangamati: Dhupchhori Waterfall

Saturday, 07th August 2010

Last time I have written my experience about the Shubolong Waterfall. When I was towards the waterfall, I have found a seasonal waterfall just beforehand of Shubolong. It will be around 5-10 minutes before. At the left hand side of your hand.

Everyday plenty of tourists used to visit this path for the Shubolong Waterfall, but most of them don't find this one. Main reason is they are not heard about this one. Though its at left side, but its behind the trees and a small narrow passage. That's why from boat, its not visible to the tourist.

Its not available to dry season, so no tourist used to come here. That's why boatmen are not showing any interest to let people know about it. Also, at rainy season, if they let the tourist know about the place, they will pass some time here, but boatmen want to do it quickly, so they remain silent either.

But luckily I was aware about it, and didn't want to miss the chance. From the far side, I can see a small stream that was falling at the water of the lake, but it is not possible to guess a waterfall exist there. Slowly when I was moving ahead to the fall, the sound becoming more sharper.

This is how it looks like from far side

I have landed my boat at there and moved myself to the base of the waterfall. It was a terribly hot day, but that particular area was really cool. The small drops those are waving at the wind are making the place cool I think. When I was there, not a single tourist was making noise. Don't you think this is pleasing? If you visit this place other than rainy season, you'll miss this.

I have uploaded a video for the waterfall. I think you'll like this one. The amount of water its producing is simply wonderful. I think I can put a sleeping bag beside the fall, and pass the whole night with the sweet sound of it.