Rangamati: Bon Bihar

Saturday, 07th August 2010

A symbol of seven heavens

Just return at the "Rajbari Ghat" after enjoying the beauty of the Shubolong waterfall, and other unknown waterfall from the proximity of that. The day passed nicely for me, but a bit tired. I had an awful bus journey at last night. Stopped suddenly amid of nowhere at Dhaka Chittagong highway around 4 at morning. Anyway, since its now afternoon, and I'm already near by the "Bon Bihar", a prayer places for the local Chakma and Buddhist people, didn't want to miss the chance to visit the place.

I have entered from the "Rajbari Ghat" side, so the 'symbol of seven heaven' is at that side. This is a seven stored building and each one represents a heaven, with a naming. It was closed that time unfortunately. After this, I have moved forward, and enter inside the main premise of the prayer area. You must have to enter that place with bare feet to respect their custom.

There are several small buildings inside, I think its a prayer hall or something like that. There is a musk of Buddha made from bronze and kept at a wall for the visitors. No matter from where you are looking at that musk, you'll feel that its looking at you. This is just an optical illusion(search google for this term, also search for convex illusion). There is an eldest monk, named probably "Bonovonto", who is around 93 years of old, and lots of Buddhist people used to visit with tribute to get favor from him, and the god.