Bandarban: Keokaradong, a three thousander from Bangladesh

Wednesday, 15th September 2010

On the way of Keokaradong

Bangladesh is not renowned for the tallest mountains if we compare this with rest of the world. There are very few mountain peaks which are having more than 3000 feet of height. Keokaradong is one of those, and now a days its a popular destination for "easy path" mountain lovers.

Our Bangladesh government claimed the height of keokaradong is around 4000 feet wrongfully and still now they didn't changed that. Even the district commissioner's website of Bandarban has the wrong information. Common people are reading those wrong information, and trust those like anything. If you have a GPS device, you can measure that yourself, it will be around 3170 feet with little tolerances.

Last night I was at Darjiling para, and moved for Keokaradong at the early morning. When I was at the peak, it was covered with thick cloud, and hardly possible to see anything through. The weather was chilling and loved to pass some time around there. I would love to stay for much longer there, but I had a long destination ahead, need some long walk. So leaved the place, and moved for next village ahead.

I have captured the some clips when I have arrived at early morning. Also I had to return back through the same path two days later, and captured few more that time. Compiled the clips from both days, and uploaded to Youtube. Take your time to enjoy the video. Thank you.