Bandarban: Expedition Rumana, Day-2

Continuation from Day-1

Tuesday, 14th September 2010

I didn't have a sound sleep last night. But the amount of sleep I got is handy enough considering the situation. I think it was around 5:00 at morning, and I was feeling something moving near my head. Just lifted my head a bit, and found a large frog just sitting beside my head. I got surprised that it was not moving, possible it was with me at whole night. But you know, its kind of odd to keep such a company when you know it's existence. So I just grabbed my unwanted friend and dumped under through the chasm of my bed.

Everybody was tired yesterday due to incessant journey, and last night we were anxious about waking up at early morning. But you know, it was a tribal shop(extension of tea stall), the owner came at early morning, and started to open up the windows(kind of fence at the middle of wall), and we had nothing to do but wake up. It was 5:30 when everybody of us wake up at morning.

Now its time to freshen up. I didn't find any lavatory around the place. So along with my other mates, I had to find a safe place inside the jungle. When you are at open air, you have to complete this kind of tasks before the sun lights are on. Otherwise you may encounter an embarrassing situation.

I have dressed up quickly to ensure that I'm not the one for whom the whole team having a late. There is no breakfast today. We bought some biscuit(Bela Biscuit) from the shop. My teammates were enjoying the biscuit with the red tea. I don't like tea, so I was having my biscuits with water.

It was a team for 14 people, but today two of us leaved for Dhaka from Boga Mukh Para. Rest of us started for Boga lake, and it was around 6 to 6:30 at morning. It had a mild rain last night, and we were lucky, cause the path would be worse if any heavy rain. At the same time we were unlucky, cause we missed the maximum beauty.

Today's path was a bit harder than last day. We had to cross some narrow passages, walked over the rocks several times. At some places some of our members needed some help to move forward. Around few hours later we have reached at the first waterfall, Patang Jhiri. We got a long break here for relaxing and enjoying the beauty. You can read more about the place from other article. We had some biscuits here to recharge the energy. Each of the member from the team was cautious about dropping any plastic packets around. None of us wanted to impure the place by those.

Towards Boga lake

After this long break, we had to move for Boga Lake. The Jhiri over the rocks was too much difficult for my standard. I was too much careful during planting each of my steps. Also this time the trek was moving upwards too. Slippy road required an extra care, and the upwards hiking required an extra energy. But still, one of our mate got slipped over the hard rock, and his head directly stroke over the rock. But we were lucky to escape that with almost no cost.

There was a small hill at our path, and for the first time we had to climb such a large one today. Every single member from our team needed a break when we reached at the top. There were several places where the landslides found due to rain. We have crossed those carefully. Some of us needed a hand to pass those places. Partho was one of them, he has some kind of height fobia.

Boga lake, clouds are at far side

When we have reached at boga lake, it was around 12, I think. It was raining slightly. At the far side, We have found some clouds were flying over the houses. Before entering the boga lake para, we had a team meeting for 'staying at boga lake'. Our initial plan was to stay at Boga Lake at second day. But its after Eid, and numerous number of tourists came here, and most of those people are here without any house right now due to heavy rush.

So we decided not to stay here. But we can have our lunch here easily. We have ordered our lunch here, and by that time I have jumped inside the boga lake along with few mates. You know I like water, and like to swim, so for the second time today, I was inside the water. I think we were only 4 who enjoyed the bath at boga lake. Others were resting, and taking care of their injured part of the body, specially feet.

When the lunch was prepared, our eyes were shining like anything. I was so hungry, and was eating blindly. It was a same situation for the others. But the most expert trekker from our team warned us for not taking heavy lunch. Cause our next destination was "Darjiling Para", and it will be continuously upwards journey. So if you had too much lunch, it will be difficult for you. Think again, I was hungry, but I couldn't have too much.

After lunch, we have got more rest. Cause most of our team members were taking care for their feet. Some got cramps, me and some others got blister at feet due to friction with boots. Honestly, I was having problem of walking with those large bladders(blisters) at my thumbs. Still had to put on those boots over my feet once again, and ready for next waling.

During our trekking, we have enjoyed this kind of beauty at every seconds.

I think it was around 3:00 when we were about to leave the Boga lake. First hour from boga lake was easy. But rest of the path was continuously upwards, and it demanded the last drop of energy from my body. When I was moving upwards, my muscles from leg used to rigid, and begged for a rest from me. I'm not habituated for doing these. Some of us were having problem for breathing, cause we were moving faster.

Most of the team members were ahead of me(I was snapping, and that made me slower). I was walking alone most of the paths, it was a straight forward one. Rajib and Partho was having problem with walking. Also Midul was injured and I was walking with him. He was a good company for the rest of the walking today.

Boga Lake from far

Just before the sunset, we have reached at the Darjiling Para, where the others were waiting for us. We joined with them, and waiting for rest of the members to reach here. By this time we had tons of biscuit and water from the nearby shop. When rest of the members joined, it was almost dark.

We had to manage a house from "Karbari" of "Darjiling Para", but it was too small to hold all of us, nothing to do. Before sleeping, my mates prepared a dinner. Today it was plain rice with "steamed papaya". Not that much tasty, but everyone was hungry.

Darjiling Para is a village where you can find the clouds around. For this reason, during night, it will give you a feeling of winter. The wind was chilling. Even at night you can see the clouds when those are passing by you.

For tonight, I have decided myself to sleep over the bench. It was 4 feet long I think, but somehow I have managed myself to sleep over there.

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