Bandarban: Chingri Jhiri Waterfall After Boga Lake

Friday, 17th September 2010

Chingri Jhiri, A waterfall, located just around half an hour of straightforward walking distance from Boga Lake. You'll find lots of people who used to visit Boga lake, and miss this place(I was one of them). Also, everyday lots of "traveler pedestrian" used to pass this place while they are in an ecstasy of vanquishing the Keokaradong peak, and miss this place. While returning after conquering the Keokaradong, they are so tired to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall, so missed again.

Two days before, we were in a hurry to reach the next destination before sunset, and didn't have enough time to get near to the waterfall. But, when returning, it was at the middle of the day, and this time I didn't miss this opportunity. Some of my teammates didn't show any interest about this one, and moved for Boga Lake to get some rest. Me, and few enthusiastic people left behind to enjoy this bewitching beauty.

This waterfall is a bit deeper from the main path. And from path its not visible. Also the sound of the waterfall is not that much clear from here. If you want to go there, you have to pass some large rock boulders and needs to do some toil. These are somehow few other reasons that made this place clandestine, according to my thoughts.

Its not that much tough path to get near the bottom of the waterfall, even at rainy season. But initially I was tried to reach the bottom without soaking my boots. But that was hard for me, and finally my boots get wet once again like last 4 days. I took time to reach at the bottom, cause I was snapping the beauty from my every steps. Its a normal sized waterfall liker others from Bangladesh. The amount of water is not that much great today, but when the water is falling, it just spread over the wall, and made this wider.

By the way, I'm not sure whether its called "Chinri" or "Chingri", cause both sounds same from tribal people, when they speak.


  1. I went there once. It is such a nice place to travel. Now im planning with some of ma friends to go there. This time i hope to go keokradong and tajindong also, which i missed that time due to short of time. Thanks for this in nostalgia.

  2. nice post. this is my post on Chingri Jharna.

  3. thank you for sharing your post, mohsin...


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