Narayanganj: Banglar Tajmaha(বাংলার তাজমহল)

Wednesday, 28th July 2010

After visiting the Murapara Palace from Rupganj, I have moved towards the "Tajmahal of Bangladesh(বাংলার তাজমহল)". It was built by a famous film producer from Bangladesh. This is just the miniature version of the Original Tajmahal(তাজমহল) of India, which means a replica of the original one. According to the wealthy film producer, its actually built for the people who are not able to visit India with high cost. By using less amount of money, its for them to get the vicarious taste of original! one.

I wasn't satisfied by visiting the place. It doesn't worth a visit and I have heard about this before going there. But still, I wanted to see myself what is the true actually. The main problem is, the name "Tajmahal(তাজমহল)". When you say it Tajmahal(তাজমহল), People starts to compare this with the original one, and thus people promulgate its as a rubbish, crumb and fake thing. If it was a normal place for passing time, like park, or etc; people wouldn't complain I think.

Another funny thing, why people are dating there without any shame? Couples are sitting there in such a way which is obscene in terms of our Bengali Culture.