Madaripur: River Arial Khan

Sunday, 04th July 2010

How many times I have mentioned that most of the major districts are established around a river. Madaripur is not alike from those. This simple but beautiful district is found around the river "Arial Khan". It was rainy season, and I have seen the river was ferocious enough. Both of the banks are slapped by the almost overflowing water from the river.

This river meandered the district all around and where ever you visit the district, you'll find the river or a branch of the river. "Arial Khan" is originated from the River Padma, and flowed through several southern districts from bangladesh.

After crossing Ferry from "Mawa" you have to cross the "Arial Khan" Bridge to connect with southern portion of the country. Also, just near from the district Madaripur, there is a Ferry over "Arial Khan" to connect with another district Sariatpur.

The photos I have captured for the river from bus. I was returning back from Madaripur district. It was around 5:30.